Everyone already knows that the best way to speed up a computer or laptop is to replace the hard drive with an SSD. Laptops now often have an SSD or NVMe. But HDDs are still used for data storage. I decided to add a Silicon Power SSD to my laptop in addition to the NVMe drive. Firstly, it is 15 times faster than a regular hard drive. And secondly … In fact, speed is the only reason. But also SSD-drives do not pour. They are not afraid of shaking and falling of the device. In general, it is good from all sides.

Silicon Power is a fairly well-known Taiwanese brand, I have several gadgets from this manufacturer, and they all work great. The brand is good at maintaining a balance of price and quality in its products.

The appearance of this Silicon Power SSD is pretty standard. Form factor 2.5 inches, metal body, to be honest, nothing special. Yes, quite a nice iridescent colour. By the way, this is a limited edition, sold only in DNS. But then again, what’s the difference what its appearance is. After all, an SSD drive is installed inside a computer or laptop, and it is almost always invisible. The only thing worth paying attention to here is a rather thin case, only 7 mm, so the drive will fit into a computer and an ultrabook.

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Fast and reliable.  Silicon Power SSD Slim S55 review

What’s the most important thing about an SSD? That’s right, the baud rate. Reliability is about the same for all (and is differently higher than that of HDD). But the speed is different. The manufacturer claims these figures.

Maximum write speed (compressed data) 530 MB / sec
Maximum read speed (compressed data) 560 MB / sec
Manufacturer data

But who are we not to test this? We ran this Silicon Power S55 Slim SSD in a couple of synthetic tests to see how it handles data transfers. Although the results are similar, they are slightly different.

Fast and reliable.  Silicon Power SSD Slim S55 review

According to the CrystalDiskMark readings, the drive shows good results during simple operations, although it does not reach the declared ones. Still, 550 MB / s read and 443 MB / s write is pretty good.

Fast and reliable.  Silicon Power SSD Slim S55 review

HD Tune gives slightly different results. He was able to squeeze out only 403 MB / s from the Silicon Power drive for reading.

Other tests also show results at 500 MB / sec. To summarize, the speed is slightly different from the one declared in the performance characteristics, but not much and can be attributed to the equipment error.

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The Silicon Power S55 Slim is equipped with a SATA III interface and has a capacity of 480GB. This volume is enough for me personally, both for games and for creating a photo archive. But I plan to use it as a second drive. As a system drive, I have NVMe (it is faster, but only 120 GB). If you want to make a system out of it, and store the data on hard drives, then 480 GB is enough for your eyes. You can even take this drive with a smaller volume.

SiliconPower Slim S55 supports Garbage Collection technology and TRIM command. The model works based on the Phison PS3108 controller with MLC memory chips. The drive’s feature is quiet operation, low power consumption, and resistance to vibration and shock. There is a Bad Block Management function for continuous monitoring and replacement of bad blocks. It helps to keep the system in good shape and extend the life of the drive.

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There is also SLC – Cache technology, which uses a new caching architecture to write all data in the first part of the SLC, and then transfer it sequentially to TLC, increasing the maximum peak write speed.

Fast and reliable.  Silicon Power SSD Slim S55 review

This SSD costs on average about $49, which is very good. This is quite budget for the 480GB volume. So if you want to speed up your computer, the Silicon Power S55 Slim is a great option.

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