For the very first iPhone, not all headphones were suitable: the connector was ordinary, 3.5 mm, but the case around did not allow inserting ninety-nine percent of the models, the plastic next to the plug interfered. It is unclear whether Jobs and I did it on purpose to develop a line of their own headphones in the future, or this is a design miscalculation – when functionality is sacrificed for the sake of beauty or just a coincidence.

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review


At first, I used the headphones that came with the iPhone, but overall it was good. But, as always, I wanted more – people at that time (remember, this is 2007) created headphones for the iPhone on their own. That is, you bought civilian headphones, took the KNIFE, cut off pieces of plastic, and after the procedure, you could insert the plug into the divine iPhone. Is it strange? Highly.

It’s even stranger that my first sufferer was the Shure headphones bought from Sasha Pobyvants – together, we tried to remember what the model was and never remembered. In general, I bought them, cut them, and used them for quite a long time together with the iPhone, enjoying the fit and sound. After the original Shure headset was given the scene, detail, and enjoyment. From time to time, I went to the official website and looked at new items, then I forgot about everything for a while. It’s time to return – and here is a scattering of all the interesting things.

Let’s start with the Shure Aonic 215, continue with the Shure Aonic 50 in a week.

Shure Aonic 215 Design

The concept is amazing: Shure-made Bluetooth modules RMCE-TW1 connect to any wired headphones with an MMCX connector. They look frankly strange. These are not AirPods for you. You won’t be able to put them in a case in a second – he unbuttoned the case imposingly, put it in place, snapped the bow in the holder, zipped it up. Therefore, I try not to pull out the headphones to “quickly listen to music at lunch” – if I did, then at least for an hour or two.

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The second feature: you cannot plug in the earpiece in a second. Even after a couple of weeks of use, I can’t do it quickly. You unzip the case. The left earbud is on the right and the right one on the left. Confusion is inevitable. Then it would help if you tucked the cup into the ear and the nozzle into the ear canal. Not a second for sure. And you also need to press a button on each cup and turn on the modules!

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review

I think that already at this stage, many will say: “No, my friend, I do not want to buy such headphones at all.” Let go of those who are afraid of difficulties. But Shure Aonic 215 fits perfectly in your ears. You don’t notice them. You can choose from blue, black, white or clear plastic. Although, given the device’s size, this is not important: they hide in the ear and are not striking. And the headphones are also very light! Traditionally for Shure, there is a rich set, a bunch of different attachments – there is both regular silicone and foam.

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review

There is a USB Type-C connector on the case, the operating time of the headphones is about eight hours, the case gives three more charges. One charge of the case was enough for me for five weekdays – I listened on the way from the parking lot to the office, occasionally in the office, on the way back, got at home to look at something on the tablet. Keep in mind that headphones only work with one device simultaneously; you cannot connect to two gadgets at once.

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Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review

The modules support aptX, AAC, and SBC. I advise you to experiment with different players on different devices. Although subjectively, Tidal sounds the same on both the iPhone 12 Pro and the Fold 2. It seems to me that the main advantage of the Shure Aonic 215 is the transformation of even the vilest stream in Mixcloud into something quite interesting and comfortable to listen to.

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review

Every time there was an incoming call, the sound switched to the iPhone. I don’t know why it happened – then I tried to talk with the help of Shure. The sound goes to the right earpiece. When I’m in the office, you can hear quite well. Outside, the wind blows away the voice. There is also a transparency mode when microphones amplify ambient sounds – the function works well. You press the button twice. You calmly talk with your colleague, then you return to music again. Passive noise isolation will be good if you take the time to select the nozzles. I put on the foam; I’m more comfortable with it.

The branded application is worth downloading for the sake of updating the firmware (just recently, a new firmware arrived), choosing the level of the transparency mode and the equalizer. The update is not quick. Keep in mind: first, data is sent to the left module, installation, and reboot, then the same actions with the right module, for everything about twenty minutes.

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Shure Aonic 215 Sound quality

These are single-driver headphones, and I would have guessed without reading the description: everything is smooth, comfortable, without obvious excesses. I listened to different music in different programs, including emotion, calm, and high-quality presentation. I would not recommend buying these headphones without first listening to your device and your content.

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review

Honestly, the sound is even too smooth for me – I want more roughness, more character. I didn’t see that here. On the other hand, the majority of users will appreciate just such a feed as good.

Verdict: Should you buy Shure Aonic 215?

The retail price of Shure Aonic 215 is about $199. I have mixed feelings. The headphones are difficult to insert into the case and difficult to insert into the ears, the controls are strange here, and not everyone will like the design. I expected that I would be overwhelmed with emotions, and a tear of nostalgia would flow down my unshaven cheek. In fact, the sound also did not cause AH – everything is more or less normal. Choosing between AirPods and Shure, I would stay on AirPods. It will be interesting to test the Shure Aonic 50. As for the Shure Aonic 215, I was a little disappointed. But I advise you to study these interesting headphones on your own definitely.

Shure Aonic 215 Headphone Review


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