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SaveUA Telegram to Help Ukraine Citizens

Ukrainian IT community has created a Telegram bot SaveUA. It allows you to coordinate volunteer assistance in the regions of Ukraine.

Now Ukrainians will be able to easily find both volunteers for their request and offer assistance in their areas. The bot allows you to search for food, clothes and things, medicines and medical care, transport, fuel, housing and shelter, self-defense means.

To use the bot, just select the city, help category, phone number and request details. The SaveUA bot will bring users together with different people, both those who need help right now, and those who can help.

How to leave a request using the SaveUA bot?

If you need help:

  • Choose the city where you will expect help;
  • Select a category of help;
  • Enter a phone number;
  • Describe your request in as much detail as possible: what is needed, when, in what quantity, etc. The more detailed information, the more likely it is to find volunteers.

Volunteers in your city who have previously created a request using the same settings will receive a notification about your request. If one of the volunteers responds to it, you will receive a message with their contacts for further communication.

If you are helping:

  • Choose the city where you are ready to help;
  • Select a category of help;
  • Enter a phone number.

If one of the bot users creates a request for help with the same settings as you, you will receive a message that you can respond to. Then your contacts will be sent to the person who created the request. You will also receive contacts. Then it’s up to you.

SaveUA bot developers are a team of specialists from leading product and service IT companies in Ukraine and the world.

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