The original MacBook Pro 16 charger is not the most bulky for a laptop, but it only has one USB Type-C connector. You cannot charge your computer and phone or tablet at the same time. Thanks to technology: GaN chargers are becoming more and more, there are interesting items on sale. One is the Satechi 100W, which can be used as a practical alternative to Apple’s 96W USB Type-C adapter.

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What’s in the box

The charger is sold with a minimum set. In addition to the power supply, the box contains a detachable cable for connecting to an outlet.

Not the smallest, but also not very large

The charger is not very large, but at the same time heavy, it weighs 300 grams. Therefore, I will assume that you will not want to carry it with you, but it will be convenient to use it at home or at work as a stationary charging.

Illustration: Svetlana Chuvileva / Wylsacom Media

The cable for connecting to the outlet is long enough, so the adapter can be placed on the table if desired. Fortunately, the charging looks very good: it has a gray aluminum case and black ends. Modest, minimalistic and high quality – everything is as Satechi usually does.

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Moreover, the color is interesting: it is not as dark as silver in MacBooks, but at the same time lighter than Space Gray in laptops of the current generation. Apparently, this is done to maximize the similarity of charging with Apple devices.

I also want to note four small rubber feet: the charger does not slide off the table and stands confidently on the surface. Of course, if you pull on the wire, it will fall to the floor, but by itself it will certainly not move out.

Charge your MacBook and more

The adapter has three connectors: two USB Type-C and one Type-A. The maximum power is 102W, so charging is slightly more powerful than the base one for the MacBook Pro 16, which produces 96W. But there are three connectors, not one!

It should be remembered that the adapter will not be able to simultaneously charge three devices either, the power is divided between the ports:

  • One device connected via USB Type-C – we get up to 100 W;
  • Two devices are connected via USB Type-C – we get 60 and 30 W for each port, respectively;
  • Two devices are connected via USB Type-C and USB Type-A – we get up to 100 and up to 12 W;
  • With the maximum load on both USB Type-C and the only USB Type-A, such a distribution: up to 60 and up to 30 watts, and 12 watts remain for the latter.
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In general, everything is fine, only at times the indicator light interferes, which glows with a bright blue light at night. Well, you need to remember that cables for connecting to devices need to be purchased separately.

From charging, you can immediately charge the MacBook Pro 16, iPad Pro, if you connect a couple of cables to the Type-C ports, and via USB Type-A you can connect some less demanding device. During operation, the power supply heats up decently, like all chargers, there is nothing surprising in this.

Maybe something else to choose?

Accessory called Satechi 108W Pro USB-C PD Desktop Charger, as it is not difficult to guess, produces 108 watts. This is the first difference. Second, it has not three, but four connectors: there is an additional fourth USB-A port.

At first glance, this is a good thing, but keep in mind a few limitations. This charger is of the old generation, therefore, it was created without the use of GaN technology. As a result, the adapter weighs 416 grams and is not mobile at all. At the same time, there is no intelligent power distribution, as in the younger model.

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Alternatively, you can find another 108-watt charger Satechi 108W USB-C 3-Port GaN Wall Charger… It is compact in size, weighs less than 200 grams, while it received three USB Type-C ports and the ability to automatically distribute power between ports depending on the load. The charger connects to the outlet directly through the built-in plug, it does not have a detachable extension cable.

Perhaps this is a plus for someone, if the adapter is connected to an outlet at the table level and does not want to pull extra wires. But there are also disadvantages. So far, the charger is being sold with an American plug – in our reality, you will have to use it with an adapter.


The Satechi Compact GaN Charger costs $79.99.  The benefits are obvious, GaN charging definitely looks like a more interesting acquisition.

For example, I sowed a MacBook charger somewhere in the vastness of our studio, but there is no point in buying the original Apple accessory again. With similar dimensions, Satechi has more convenient features, when you can connect several devices to one unit at once and not carry a bunch of power adapters with you.

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