Wireless charging in 2020 is already impossible to surprise anyone. All flagship smartphones have it for a long time. And Samsung even has a reversible one, when you can charge another from the phone. But for some reason, the manufacturers themselves could not do wireless charging for multiple devices. Apple’s concept never made it to release. They say there were problems with overheating. Too many coils were installed there to charge gadgets anywhere on the platform. But Samsung seems to have finally succeeded. I got my hands on a wireless charger on which you can put a smartphone, headphones, and a watch, and they will be charged at the same time.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio package contents

The box here is, of course, minimalistic. This is, after all, just an accessory. But there is everything you need. The kit comes with the charger itself, quite weighty and healthy to hold three gadgets.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


And also a USB-C cable and an adapter with the same connector. It is surprising that in the same Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, the adapter comes with a regular USB-A. When will all manufacturers switch to a single standard, at least within the framework of their products …

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio appearance

The design of this wireless station is quite simple. There is a wide platform on the left, on which one smartphone and headphones or two smartphones can be placed perpendicularly.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


A special area for watches is made on the right. But of course, it is only suitable for Samsung Galaxy watches.

On the right, there are three charging indicators. If the gadget is charging, the corresponding indicator glows orange. If charging is complete, it will turn green. The phone is not level and does not charge, in which case the indicator will flash, and you need to correct the position of the gadget on the platform.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


There is a USB-C port on the bottom rear. You can connect a cable from a native charger to it or connect it to a laptop or computer with any available wire. As you can see, the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio charging is quite massive and almost double the size of the Samsung Galaxy S20FE, for example.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


The charging station’s bottom also has rubber feet to prevent the platform from sliding on the table. Well, it also helps to cool the station.

How Samsung Wireless Charger Trio Works?

The charger works according to the Qi standard. Therefore, here you can charge not only Samsung smartphones, but also any compatible ones. But if you charge Samsung gadgets, the station will give out 9 watts of power. And for other gadgets, only 7.5 watts. Of course, compared to single 15 W chargers, this is not enough. On the other hand, we usually charge our smartphones at night. And in general, it does not matter how long it will be charged there: 3, 4, or even 5 hours. I threw all the gadgets at the station and forgot, and in the morning, everything was already charged. Moreover, watches and headphones generally require recharging every few days.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


Yes, it charges the iPhone. But Apple Watch cannot be charged because the watch has a different standard. So the watch charging platform is only suitable for Samsung Galaxy gadgets. It is a pity that I could not test this due to the lack of a clock.

But I tested the charging of two Samsung smartphones: Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Galaxy S20 FE. And charging the smartphone and headphones Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. Everything is charging, and I never even had a case that I put the gadgets somehow wrong.

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


There are as many as 6 overlapping coils inside, so you can put your smartphone as you like, charging will still work, and that’s great. Because it often happens that I put my smartphone on wireless charging and do not check how it lies. And in the morning, I notice that it is not charged because it was lying crookedly. But I have a Moshi wireless charger with one coil, and there are as many as 6 of them, so there is simply no such problem.

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Samsung Wireless Charger Trio review: wireless and for three devices


Another plus – you can charge even in a case. The power of the station breaks through any cover, even silicone, even leather. And this is great, because before not all exercises were able to do this. And you had to remove the case or use thinner cases to charge the smartphone wirelessly.

Conclusion: Should you buy Samsung Wireless Charger Trio?

Samsung Wireless Charger Trio costs $69.99. For that kind of money, you get a platform for charging three gadgets, and to be honest, a single one is usually not enough. I have three wireless chargers and one wireless power bank at home. And before the trip, for example, I have to layout smartphones and headphones all over the apartment to charge everything. You can immediately put everything in one place. Plus, the number of wireless charging devices is growing, and the Samsung Wireless Charger Trio will pay for itself pretty quickly. Especially if you have all Samsung gadgets, or at least have a watch. If you want to charge one smartphone, take a single charge from the same Samsung. Perhaps it suits you better.

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