Samsung clarified that it intends to continue to follow the intended environmental course and will gradually extend the new policy regarding the delivery package to future smartphone models. That is, in the end, more and more new Samsung smartphones will come out without power adapters and headphones. At the same time, the South Korean giant left himself room for maneuver.

On January 14, Samsung revealed a new line of its flagship smartphones – the Galaxy S21 Ultra, Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S21 +. Simultaneously, the South Korean giant announced that they would not come with headphones and power adapters. If necessary, you can buy the adapter separately – for $20.

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The announcement itself did not come as a surprise – the change became known long before the presentation, thanks to the media and regulators involved in the certification of electronic devices.

The company attributed this decision to concern for the environment (reducing e-waste and rational use of resources). That is, Samsung presented the eco-reform in the same way as Apple did last year, which was the first to “optimize” the standard delivery set of its devices – first smartwatch watches, and selectively (the more expensive Watch Edition and Watch Hermès kept chargers ), and then the iPhone, extending the new rules to all models at once (new and older models that remained on sale). Simultaneously reducing the price of these accessories. By the way, shortly before Samsung, this controversial trend was picked up by Xiaomi – the Chinese manufacturer decided to sell the latest flagship Mi 11 without a charging adapter. However, it offered a charging option as an option. The situation’s piquancy is added because Samsung and Xiaomi previously ridiculed (one and 2) Apple for the lack of a power adapter and headphones bundled with new iPhones, and the South Korean giant ends up quietly removed the taunt. Funny that the company did the same when Apple dropped the 3.5mm jack with the iPhone 7 in 2016.

After the presentation of Galaxy Unpacked 2021, Samsung’s top managers, answering why the adapter and headphones were removed from the kit, stated what gradual removing accessories from phone packaging could make them more environmentally friendly.

“We’ve found that more and more Galaxy users are reusing accessories they already own and are making sustainable decisions in their daily lives to promote green habits. To support our Galaxy community along the way, we are moving towards ditching the charger and earbuds in our latest line of Galaxy smartphones.

We believe that phasing out the charging adapters and earbuds in the boxes of our devices can help address sustainable consumption issues and eliminate the oppressive feeling consumers can have about the constant purchase of unnecessary chargers with new phones.

We’ve also been introducing standardized USB-C connectors since 2017, so older chargers can be compatible with our latest Galaxy models.

– from Samsung official statement

We can conclude that some future smartphone models will also be supplied without a charging adapter and headphones, but certain models may still retain these accessories. The Galaxy phone lineup is wide enough to range from the ultra-budget $100 models to the expensive $2,000 foldable models with flexible screens. That is, here, the South Korean giant leaves room for maneuver, and for now, one can only guess how the “gradual” eco-reform will proceed and which models will be the first to lose their energy.

It remains to add that, unlike Apple, Samsung has not yet begun to extend the new rules to current models that were released last year and continue to be sold. The Note 20 Ultra and Note 10 still come with a charging block.

Samsung will continue to phase out charging adapters and earbuds for future smartphones

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