Almost immediately after the new Galaxy S21 line of smartphones, Samsung decided to stop selling the previous generation Galaxy S20 series.

On the Samsung’s American website, of the Galaxy S20 series’s four models, only one is available for sale – the newest and most affordable version of the Galaxy S20 FE. For the other three models, the status is set to “out of stock.” There are good reasons to keep selling the Galaxy S20 FE. This device has some competitive advantages, such as good specs, including a 120Hz refresh rate display. At the same time, this model is significantly cheaper than other models of the Galaxy S20 series.

Samsung stops selling smartphones of the previous Galaxy S20 series

The discontinuation of other Galaxy S20 smartphones makes sense, as the newest line is not only cheaper but better in every way. The new generation smartphones turned out to be $ 200 cheaper than similar versions of the previous generation, which immediately makes all Galaxy S20 models uncompetitive. The Galaxy S20 FE is now being offered to consumers as the most affordable flagship at $ 624.99. It is followed by the new generation Galaxy S21 ($799.99), Galaxy S21 Plus ($ 999.99), and Galaxy S21 Ultra ($ 1199.99). You can still buy Galaxy S20 smartphones on other marketplaces such as Amazon, but making such a purchase is not rational now. Probably, substantial discounts will begin to operate on this series soon. Then it will make sense to buy old models.

A source: wccftech


  1. The new phones are garbage; they aren’t better in “every way.” Samsung stopped selling the S20 series so that they can force people to purchase the S21. Propaganda article.

    • Ruby Reply

      Well, it is the same for all the companies- be it Samsung or Apple! 🙂

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