Samsung hosted an online event called Samsung Networks: Redefined. At the same time, the leaders of Samsung Networks shared their vision of the further development of 5G networks and spoke about the achievements in key areas. It is noted that the company has delivered more than 4 million units of radio equipment with 5G support to operators around the world.

Samsung is actively developing the direction of virtualization. According to the Korean giant, virtualizing the entire network, from the radio access network to the core, will provide operators with several benefits and accelerate scalability. Additionally, this approach will simplify the network upgrade processes through software implementation. Samsung has already successfully deployed the industry’s first fully virtualized commercial 5G RAN on its hardware. The company demonstrated the ability to achieve multi-gigabit speeds using Massive MIMO radio equipment on COTS servers, showing how the performance of vRAN technology approaches the performance of specialized hardware solutions. Samsung offers a range of network management solutions.

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Samsung spoke about its new solutions and achievements in the field of 5G, spoke about the potential of 6G technology

In addition, Samsung shared its success in creating specialized chipsets for 5G radio access networks (5G RAN). New developments include a 3rd generation RFIC chip, a 2nd generation 5G modem, and an integrated DFE-RFIC chip. The new 5G chipsets are helping to improve the performance and energy efficiency of end products while reducing their size along the way. Thus, the third generation Samsung RFIC chip supports the 28 and 39 GHz frequency bands and will be integrated into the next generation Samsung 5G Compact Macro. At the same time, the antenna size is reduced by almost 50%, which allows more efficient use of the internal space of the 5G radio module. At the same time, the power output and coverage area of ​​the new RFIC chip has increased, so the next generation 5G Compact Macro will double the power output. The 2nd generation 5G SoC will double the capacity of the 5G baseband units while cutting power consumption in half compared to the previous version. The integrated DFE-RFIC chip combines RFIC and DFE functionality for spectra below 6 GHz and millimeter waves. This integration allows you to double the bandwidth of the frequency spectrum and reduce the size. In addition, it talks about increasing the output power of Samsung’s next-generation solutions, including 5G Compact Macro.

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Samsung spoke about its new solutions and achievements in the field of 5G, spoke about the potential of 6G technology

Separately, Samsung spoke about the new radio equipment for 5G networks. The company recently unveiled its broadband radio module supporting 400 MHz of bandwidth in the mid-frequency range. In addition, a 5G Compact Macro base station and a new generation baseband module were presented, as well as a new One Antenna Radio solution. According to the Korean company, Samsung One Antenna Radio uses more compact equipment, which reduces space requirements, simplifies installation, and reduces operating costs.

Additionally, Samsung is developing secure private networks. Such solutions can be used, for example, for smart production or in real-time video surveillance systems with 4K resolution. In addition, Samsung helped roll out the world’s first 3GPP-compliant PS-LTE nationwide public safety network in Korea and demonstrated the world’s first MCPTX (Mission Critical Communications) video call on a cloud platform.

Finally, Samsung shared its vision for future 6G technologies. The company is exploring the potential of the terahertz (THz) spectrum for 6G wireless communications. It is also noted that Samsung has already demonstrated a 6G wireless communication system at 140 GHz using the terahertz frequency range.

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