SmartThings is a Samsung platform for connecting various household devices and appliances into a local network, similar to Amazon Alexa (without a virtual assistant) or Google Home. Recently, the developers have released an updated application with a redesigned interface. Its distribution to iOS and Android began on June 9th.

The developers focused on making it easier and faster to work with connected technology in the new version. The updated application includes five sections: Favorites, Devices, Life, Automation, and Menu.

  • Favorites are the main screen of the SmartThings application, which contains the most frequently used devices, activities, and services for quick access.
  • “Devices” allows you to view and control information about all available equipment, including TVs, light bulbs, household devices, and other devices.
  • In the “Life” section, you can explore new possibilities of a smart home, discover SmartThings services for interacting with various products. Here you will find information about SmartThings Cooking, a platform for managing all kitchen processes.
  • Automation brings collaboration devices together and allows them to respond to specific events, such as opening a door or turning on a light.
  • The Menu section includes additional SmartThings features, including SmartThings Labs, notifications, history, and settings.
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Today, the Samsung SmartThings ecosystem holds the lead in the largest number of ways to connect devices. Supported protocols include Matter, Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, and Zigbee.

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