Research Scientists at Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) created an OLED skin stretch display prototype. The development is presented as a promising replacement for modern fitness trackers.

Samsung has created a stretchable OLED skin display that can be attached to the wrist like a patch

As conceived by the authors, the technology will allow the creation of next-generation fitness trackers attached directly to the wrist like a plaster. This high-tech patch will be attached to the inside of your wrist, so you can rotate your wrist as you like without affecting the screen.

It is important to stipulate that this is not just a concept – as a proof of concept, the authors have created a working prototype of the device. Samsung’s research team used a highly elastic polymer compound and modified elastomer. It can withstand up to 30% unbuttoning of the skin. During tests, the prototype remained fully functional after 1,000 stretches.

Samsung said it was the first in the industry to create such a display. Even with the current level of technology, researchers were able to integrate most of the known sensors using existing semiconductor manufacturing processes. At the same time, the development still needs to be improved – the resolution of the OLED screen, the elasticity, and the accuracy of the sensors are still not high enough for the commercialization of the technology.

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Samsung expects that, first of all, their development will be able to find application in medicine, where such patches can be used to monitor patients with certain diseases and newborns.

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