I have a habit of losing my bunch of keys every single day. It happens at home or work – you walk like a fool searching for it and wasting time. Then you find the keys under the magazine in the bedroom, at work in the toilet, and they can also fall out of your pocket in the car. So, I recently got acquainted with this new accessory from Samsung- Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. I was very excited to get myself a Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, and my life became much easier. So, here is my Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review and Experience of using it for quite some time.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag- Design and Appearance

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is available in four colors: black, mint, pink, and gray-beige. I suppose other colors will appear over time. I got myself a black one. There is a ring to hang it along with the keys or attach to clothes or other things. One major drawback with Samsung Galaxy SmartTag is that it only works with devices from the Galaxy ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

There is a button on the label. With its help, you can find a smartphone – press it twice, a notification will be heard on the device and will play until you find your Galaxy. The function is very convenient. In general, the test took place in combat conditions – I really lost my S21 Ultra and found it in the kitchen under a pizza box. I didn’t understand how it happened.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

By the way, several accessories for the tag will be sold in the future. These are stickers, carabiners, hinges, and much more. This will make it easier to attach to things. There are kits with one tag, but I would immediately buy a box with four tags – it turns out much more profitable: one tag costs $29.99.

I used the tag together with the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and other Samsung smartphones. To connect, you need to install the SmartThings app, gadgets related to the “smart” home, and SmartTag, and other things are displayed here. Refresh a label, rename, unlink – everything is pretty simple to configure.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

The APP is convenient and easy to use. You can see where your tags and other information are right on the main page. For example, a button on a tag starts automation – let’s say you come home, press a button on SmartTag, and the light turns on. Or the alarm went off. There are three types of clicks: simple, double and hold – that is, from the tag, you can launch three scenarios for a “smart” home.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

To search, you need to put an “add-on” to SmartThings called SmartThings Find. We’ll talk more about this below.

The “beacon” operates on a battery, like in a watch, model CR2032. You don’t need to charge it. The app displays the charge level. The operating time depends only on the frequency of use. With quiet use, you can count on several months. The declared operating time is 300 days. If the marker is discharged, its last location will be visible on the map.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

To understand, the tag is not connected to the phone ALL THE TIME since a special Bluetooth profile is used – Bluetooth Low Energy. We pressed a button or entered the application on the phone, and then the movement begins.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: Finding a label on keys and phone

And here we go back to the beginning: we are looking for a label on the lost keys. I asked my friend to steal the keys from my desk and gave him a few minutes to go away in the office. Then it was interesting. In the application, you can see the keys’ position on the map – I suppose it is not very useful at home or office.

There is another option: search in the “hot-cold” format – the program displays how far away the item is from you. You can search like this. Plus, turn on the beeper on the label and navigate by sound.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

Naturally, I found the keys almost instantly. I just followed the sound of the signal.

Let’s talk a little about the material. The tag supports Bluetooth Low Energy, profile 5.0 – it is very economical to use a tiny battery. The operating range is about 120 meters (the declared figure, apparently, meant a line of sight).

To check, I asked a friend to steal my phone and leave the office by the stairs to the top floor – thick brick scenes, an iron door. In such difficult conditions, the phone began to emit a sound at a distance of about 15 meters – the signal was received through the door and ceilings. If you suddenly lost your phone somewhere in a shopping center, then, in theory, you can try to find it by sound. In a rather large apartment (about a hundred meters), the search was possible from anywhere. In any room, the device regularly played a melody launched after two clicks on the tag.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

These are not all the capabilities of the device. Probably, other functions will be added with the firmware in the future. But I was interested in the basic and simplest functions, a quick search for the same keys pleased me. And finding a smartphone is no problem.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: Search offline

Among the features of SmartTag, there is the most interesting one: even if you have lost the tag, you can find it using another Galaxy smartphone. Yes, even if someone unfamiliar to you passes by, and this person has a Samsung Galaxy in his pocket, you will receive the lost tag data – no personal information is transferred. Everything is anonymous.

My colleagues and I decided to experiment. I left a mark in the office and put a Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone with a different account. SmartThings and SmartThings Find were installed. I took my device and went home. That is, I forgot the label.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

A miracle happened at home: I went to SmartThings Find, and there I saw the tag’s location – with a postscript, they say, another Galaxy smartphone was used for the search. Cool? Not that word. Yes, it is not specifically written here – look for the mark under the table in the office of such and such. But you can always roughly understand where you were and left the necessary thing.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag: Features and verdict

You can bind 200 Samsung Galaxy SmartTags to one Samsung Galaxy smartphone – probably few people will need such an amount, but after using it, I wanted to buy a few more. I will hang it on my car keys, on my parents’ house keys, and hide them in a frequently used suitcase. The solution is elegant, and I could not find anything to complain about.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review

Connection to a smartphone is simple. Communication in both directions is reliable (although it is almost impossible to reach the declared 120 meters in reality). I could easily and quickly find the keys in the office and find the “lost” smartphone. There is nothing special to add – as I hung up the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag on the keys, and I use it. A nice little thing works and gives me a positive vibration.

Buy Samsung Galaxy SmartTag you can follow the link.

Samsung Galaxy SmartTag Review


Samsung Galaxy SmartTag











  • Changable battery
  • Neat integration with SmartThings Find
  • Can trigger SmartThings actions


  • Only works with Samsung phones - not wider Android devices

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