We all know that a journalist loves high-profile releases. And the flagship is always loud. However, people prefer to count every penny. People are interested and read about flagships, but often they end up buying more budget models anyway.

Price segment

This baby (yeah, a 6.4-inch screen, there was a baby) is about $134. And the most robust competitor at the moment is the Honor 10 Lite. The closest option in terms of characteristics, which you can also find at a discount! However, the discount will not play a role if Samsung plays right.

Equipment: Samsung Galaxy M11

The scope of delivery of the Galaxy M11 includes, in addition to the smartphone itself, a charging unit – and with a capacity of 15 W, which is cool – as well as a non-vacuum wired headset, a USB Type-C cable, and a clip for the SIM card tray.

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Samsung Galaxy M11 review.  People's smartphone

Appearance: Samsung Galaxy M11

Visually in front of us … but not to say that the model screaming about the budget. Quite a decent smartphone with a front camera embedded in the display and slightly plump frames. Thanks to which, however, it is quite convenient to hold the smartphone in your hands.

The body is completely plastic. Matte, without any protective coatings, but feels confident in hand. Interestingly, the M11 in this very plastic case is offered in three colors – black, like ours, as well as turquoise and purple.

Arrangement of elements: Samsung Galaxy M11

In front, as mentioned, is the display and the front camera. On the top end, there is a mini-jack and one microphone.

Samsung Galaxy M11 review.  People's smartphone

The bottom end will please with a USB Type-C connector, and next to it, there is a speaker and a second microphone. The right side is highlighted by the power and volume buttons.

Samsung Galaxy M11 review.  People's smartphone

The left side has a tray for SIM and microSD cards. Uncombined. Besides, you can use two SIM-cards and microSD. Cool, I respect. Well done.

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Samsung Galaxy M11 review.  People's smartphone

On the back, there is a camera unit, a flash, and a fingerprint scanner. Well, technical information with the Samsung logo. Interestingly, the camera block does not protrude, but on the contrary, it is almost embedded in the body. Fortunately, plastic allows. And the scanner, by the way, is fast and reliable. And to ensure him – face recognition by the front camera. True, the fingerprint scanner works much better. The selfie module only copes in the presence of bright light.

Display: Samsung Galaxy M11

You should not expect any AMOLED in the budget sector, but Samsung did not frighten the buyer with the TFT matrix. Before us is a 6.4-inch PLS-screen. The resolution is 720×1560 pixels. The PPI is small – only 268. Auto brightness adjustment in place, as well as the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protection.

PLS, for the uninitiated, it’s like IPS, but with a Samsung flavor. Colors can be brighter, but in general – all the advantages of IPS matrices are available, including excellent color reproduction, wonderful viewing angles, and contrast. There is no Always-On-Display function, but it is understandable because the technology is supported only on AMOLED and derivatives.

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Performance: Samsung Galaxy M11

The M11 is a system-on-a-chip with Qualcomm Snapdragon 450, on eight 14-nanometer Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of up to 1.8 GHz, plus an Adreno 506 video core. The chip is two years old, and even at the time of the release of stars from the sky did not catch. However, this is still Qualcomm, with proprietary optimization and energy efficiency.

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