Samsung Galaxy A51 64Gb Blue: unlimited screen and high quality shooting

You don’t have to use a computer or laptop to watch movies, play, or chat on social networks. These devices can replace the Samsung Galaxy A51 64Gb Blue smartphone with a 6.5-inch screen. The display of the model has a thin bezel for maximum usable space.

Fans of exquisite design highly appreciated the smartphone. The pleasant aqua colour is harmonious and appropriate in any situation. The Samsung Galaxy A51 64Gb Blue case is distinguished by excellent ergonomics, emphasizing its owner’s exquisite style.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Complete set Samsung Galaxy A51 64Gb Blue

The standard package includes:

  • smartphone;
  • the charger that provides the fastest possible charging;
  • USB Type cable;
  • clip for the SIM tray;
  • user’s manual.

Samsung Galaxy A51 Review: Features of the model

The smartphone is equipped with sensors that measure physical properties, after which they are transmitted to the application processor. An accelerometer performs the function of the built-in electronic component. Its task is to measure the angle of inclination and movement.

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A fingerprint sensor is used to protect the mobile device reliably. To ensure economical consumption of battery life and prevent accidental keystrokes, the smartphone is equipped with a proximity sensor. It is triggered when the device approaches the face.

Samsung Galaxy A51 is designed for two SIM cards (you can use cards from different operators in one device).

Also, the model features include accelerated charging (the time for resuming the battery’s working life is significantly reduced).

The 64Gb memory can be expanded using a microSD card.

Samsung Galaxy A51

Four cameras for perfect shooting in any conditions

The smartphone’s main camera (48 MP) allows you to take bright and clear photos in ultra-high-resolution at any time of the day. The second 12MP camera (ultra wide-angle) provides a 123-degree field of view. It’s great for group shots and landscape photography.

A handy invention is the 5MP macro camera. It makes it possible to capture the smallest details and recreate them in the photo.

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The fourth camera that the smartphone is equipped with is suitable for portrait photos. With its help, you can create the effect of blurring the background. It is also equipped with a depth sensor and supports a special “live focus” mode.

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