I have already talked about the Samsung vacuum cleaner. In this post, we will read, Samsung Clean Station Review. But it turns out that my life was incomplete without one more accessory – the Clean Station. In general, to call an accessory, a piece that takes up almost the same place in an apartment as the vacuum cleaner itself is strange. But in short, it’s a large box that sucks dust out of a vacuum cleaner. What? Yes! Let’s figure it out now.

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Samsung Clean Station: Appearance

It is a large vertical box that looks like a large vertical box. It is delivered in a horizontal cardboard box. As you can see, there is not only a station inside but something else.

Included with the Clean Station, Samsung also provides a brand new container for the vacuum cleaner. However, you can throw away the old one. The fact is that the native container does not have an opening lid that allows the Clean Station to suck dust out of the container. And what lies in the box with the station – there is. And of course, there are a couple of filters. Where to insert them? I’ll show you now.

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Samsung Clean Station Review

Place the Clean Station vertically and open the front cover; it is magnetically attached. Here we have the most interesting thing: the filter. We open another lid, push, pull … The filter closes (so that dust does not get into our respiratory tract), and the filter itself is in our hands. But how will it fill up? More on that later, but for now, about another filter.

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Samsung Clean Station









  • Good for people with allergies
  • Efficient


  • Noisy
  • Pricey

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