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Russian May Drop the Internet

The population of Russia is already beginning to feel the consequences of the international sanctions that were imposed because of Russia’s dastardly attack on Ukraine. A large number of technology companies have stopped working in the aggressor country, popular services and social networks are becoming inaccessible to Russians, and due to the withdrawal of the American backbone Internet provider from the country, Internet speed will decrease in Russia. But the sanctions would not be complete without the crazy Russian government’s own counter-sanctions. To keep the Russian population ignorant and fed with Goebbels-style propaganda, the Russian authorities are considering disconnecting from the global internet. To this opinion, push telegramswhich Russian regulators have begun sending out in recent days.

Judging by the content of the telegrams, the Russian authorities intend to turn off the external Internet after March 9 – until about March 15. If such a decision is made and implemented, only servers and sites located within Russia will be available to Russians. It will be impossible to browse sites and access services located outside of Russia even using a VPN. Thus, like the people of North Korea, the Russians will be convinced of landing their astronauts on the Sun, winning the World Cup and the poverty of Western civilization, as the censored so-called “Russian media” will tell them.

On the other hand, such activity of the Russian authorities may be due to the recent attacks by the Anonymous group on government websites.

It should be noted that in Russia they began to prepare for a possible disconnection from the external Internet since 2019. This may indicate that preparations for military aggression against Ukraine have been going on for more than one year.

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