Hisense TVs have been known around the world for a long time. The company was founded back in 1969. The brand is in the TOP-4 in the world in terms of the number of TVs sold. The brand has been known for several years. And consumers love Hisense appliances for their value for money. We have a 43-inch 4K model in review today Hisense A7500F. Although I usually find it difficult to surprise with a TV, Hisense succeeded.

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Hisense A7500F: Appearance

The TV comes in a standard box, so we won’t even dwell on it. Inside there are instructions, a power cable, a massive metal stand with screws for fastening, and remote control. The stand has plastic plugs at the back, in which you can neatly tuck the wires without hanging anything.

The remote control is not quite ordinary, but I will tell you about it separately. The leg is screwed to the TV in about a minute and a half. In total, from the time when I received the box, to turn on the TV, last five minutes at most. And the best part is that you don’t need to configure anything: you press the button and everything works.

In TVs, as in smartphones recently, there has long been no revolution. However, Hisense has a corporate identity. There are both special edges of the frames and a skinny profile. And thanks to the legs’ design, the TV can be placed almost close to the wall, not taking up space.

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I can only note the company logo and the red status LED below it of the front’s visible elements. There is nothing else here in addition to thin silver frames, and it shouldn’t, this is a modern TV. Of course, there are no buttons either. This is an atavism.

But what amazed me about this TV? I confess, first of all – connectors. There are a lot of them here. In general, you do not expect to see so many ports on a TV in the middle price segment. There are already 4 HDMI ports supporting 4K 60FPS, one of which is ARC. ARC stands for Audio Return Channel, audio return channel. This port can be used to connect audio systems such as a soundbar or home theatre speakers. There are 2 USBs with a power supply to connect both flash drives and hard drives. Everything will work. But that’s not all. There is an optical digital audio output and two antenna ports (DVB-S / S2 and DVB-T / T2 / C).

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Also, there are classic AV ports (video, left and right audio channels) and an Ethernet RJ-45 port, even though the TV has Wi-Fi. In general, there are enough connectors for any occasion. Most important, of course, is a large number of HDMI ports. You can connect a soundbar to HDMI ARC, to another one – PlayStation or any other console, to a third one – an Apple TV set-top box or some other. Well, there will be a free port, for example, for displaying images from a laptop. Isn’t it cool?

Hisense A7500F: Hardware and Software

As I said, this is an UltraHD TV with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels. Direct LED backlighting is installed here, and the brightness of the VA matrix reaches 350 nits with a contrast ratio of 4000: 1. If you do not go into numbers, the matrix here is very bright and rich. The picture looks good both in the dark and in the bright sun. And playing on the PlayStation, thanks to the delay of only 11.1ms, is very comfortable. The viewing angles are huge, but when viewed from the side, the contrast is slightly reduced. However, you are unlikely to plan to watch TV from the side.

In the picture settings, there are various modes such as “Cinema”, “Games”, “Sports”, and the latter is activated automatically when you start watching a sports program. But I usually watch everything in standard mode and do not experience any suffering about it. In the settings, you can enable image interpolation and reduce blur for some content. Perhaps in terms of the image, the most important thing is support for the HDR Dolby Vision format. You will rarely find this option on TVs in the middle price segment.

Of course, TV Hisense supports all modern TV tuner standards: NTSC, PAL, SECAM. And of course, all video formats will work here: AVI, WMV, MP4, MOV, MKV, MPG and others.

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To play sound in TV Hisense A7500F, there are speakers of the system 2.0, with a power of 14 W. The speakers have support for Dolby Audio and DTS. I must say that the speakers are quite powerful. In the apartment, I listened to the sound at a maximum of 10-12, and the maximum can be turned up to 50, and it is deafening. There are various preset modes such as “Music”, “Sports”, “Theater” and others. But to be honest, I usually use the standard one, that’s enough.

In this Hisense TV, the operating system is the company’s own development – VIDAA U4.0. Because it is a proprietary system, it is optimized as much as possible for Hisense TVs. It starts up quickly, does not slow down, no problems arise.

Several content services are available out of the box, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, IVI, Okko, MeGoGo, TVZavr and others. Also, there are native VIDAA services, such as beautiful images.

For quick access to services, special buttons are placed on the remote control. And that’s great because sometimes you search through the TV menu to find an app. And then I pressed the button, and you immediately started Netflix. Of course, you have to buy a subscription to use these apps. But YouTube, for example, is available for free.

Yes, VIDAA has its own app store. You can find games and more applications for viewing content if the basic ones are not enough. However, this is not useful for everyone. In stock TV Hisense A7500F an excellent set of applications.

Hisense A7500F: First Impression

Besides what surprised me in Hisense A7500F number of connectors, the intuitive operation was pleasant. I’m a little out of the habit of remotes with many buttons, but it turns out to be convenient. Especially if you need to enter digital passwords somewhere or if you want to switch to the desired channel quickly. Also, working with this TV impresses with its simplicity and speed. Just one click and you already see the screen with the available content. Choose and see.

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The volume headroom in Hisense A7500F also pleased me. You can, of course, connect an external audio system. But if there is no place or funds to buy additional. Equipment, it is quite possible to get by with the built-in speakers. And of course, the availability of all popular services is great worldwide. Therefore, it is the perfect TV to buy and deliver to parents, not to have any problems. But it seems that no one wants to suffer from the settings, but use the device. And in this regard, of course, Hisense wins over. Well, if you want something new, there is always a branded app store.

I liked both the colour rendition and the brightness of the TV. In the bright sun, everything was visible perfectly, albeit with a slight glare. Black here is real black, not grey. And in the dark, the picture on the screen is excellent. You can connect a set-top box, and the amount of content will multiply. Or you can play PlayStation. Or participate in working zooms from a laptop through a TV (however, cameras in Hisense A7500F, of course not). And the best thing is that all this can be done at the same time. Okay, not straight at the same time, but not switching wires. And even one more connector will remain. No matter how you look, it’s convenient.

Conclusion: Should you buy Hisense A7500F?

Hisense has managed to create an excellent balanced TV. There is 4K, a high-quality matrix, good colour reproduction, a large margin of brightness and volume. At the same time, the TV came out very affordable. How much does it cost? About $330, and somewhere with discounts you can buy it even for $300. Currently, this is a great price for a TV with these characteristics. If you want a TV with a good price/quality ratio, you need to take it and not think. If you need a larger diagonal, take a closer look at other models from Hisense. It is not for nothing that they still occupy the 4th place in sales globally, not for nothing.

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