Modern home appliances rarely differ from each other. Well, think of a different color. Yes, a few years ago, all devices were equipped with Wi-Fi and screwed applications. But the Samsung AR9500T found a function that was very much needed. This is the WindFree technology, thanks to which the air conditioner has a mode in which it cools the room but does not blow in the face but neatly distributes cold air throughout the room. Samsung AR9500T is already the second air conditioner in the apartment, and I definitely notice the difference. But let’s start in order, starting with the characteristics and design.

Technical specifications Samsung AR9500T WindFree

  • Air conditioner type: wall split system
  • Room area: 25 m2
  • Air conditioner capacity: 9 BTU
  • Inverter: yes
  • Features: remote control, airflow direction adjustment, display, on / off timer
  • Operating mode: cooling / heating
  • Cooling power: 2500 W
  • Heating power: 3200 W
  • Cooling power consumption: 670 W
  • Heating power consumption: 860 W
  • Additional modes: dehumidification, night, ventilation
  • Additional functions: automatic temperature maintenance, warm start, auto restart, anti-ice system
  • Indoor unit noise level (min / max): 22 dB / 38 dB
  • Filter type: deodorizing
  • Refrigerant type: R 410A
  • Additional information: Wind-Free technology; self-cleaning; cooling capacity: 8500 BTU / h; maximum length of communications: 15 m; fan speed regulator; display type: hidden; dehumidification rate: 1 l / h; maximum air flow: 10.3 m³ / min; single phase; min. permissible temperature for the operation of the air conditioner in heating mode: ‑15 ° C; min. permissible temperature for operation of the air conditioner in cooling mode: -10 ° C
  • Indoor unit dimensions (WxHxD): 82x30x21.5 cm
  • Outdoor unit dimensions (WxHxD): 72×54.8×26.5 cm
  • Indoor unit weight: 9.2 kg
  • Outdoor unit weight: 27 kg

Samsung AR9500T WindFree appearance

In household appliances, manufacturers usually do not try to embellish the packaging in any way. You will still throw it away 5 minutes after unpacking. Rather, even this will be done by the master who will install the equipment. Here is the same story. Just a cardboard box, inside a bunch of Styrofoam, so that nothing gets damaged during transportation. More precisely, there are, of course, two boxes. One contains an outdoor unit. But the installers started attaching it to the window so quickly that I didn’t even have time to photograph it. However, what difference does it make what sticks out there outside in a special basket? The render below shows how it looks. Here we see only the main difference from other similar models – the Digital Inverter inscription.

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This means that there is an inverter motor in the unit. Such motors have recently been installed in all equipment, be it a refrigerator or a washing machine. Such a motor has a lot of advantages over collector or even asynchronous ones. The most basic thing is the conversion of current from AC to DC and vice versa with the help of an inverter.

Review of split-system Samsung AR9500T WindFree: cools, but does not blow (ru feature reduces noise and energy use by 73 217707147)

If you do not go deep into the details, you can more accurately control the rotor speed. In addition, since there are no brushes, and in general, if everything is assembled correctly, there are practically no rubbing parts. The noise comes only from the fan. And servicing such a motor is much easier. But let’s take a look at the indoor unit. This is where Samsung’s innovation comes in.

The entire surface of the Samsung AR9500T WindFree indoor unit is covered with small holes. At first glance, it seems that this is just a tribute to some modern design. But no matter how it is.

This is the very WindFree technology. The fact is that often indoor air conditioners blow directly on people. Sometimes it’s nice. I don’t hide. But most often, there is a turbulent flow and a draft from which a person can get sick. And in the current conditions of a pandemic, provoking a disease from the cold air of an air conditioner is not an idea.

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In general, to diffuse the flow, moving guides after the radiator have long been invented. However, they are here too. He turned it on, and they know to themselves move left-right and top-down to disperse the air throughout the room evenly. But here’s the nuance, if the air conditioner hangs directly opposite the workplace or sofa (and usually in cities, apartments do not allow you to hang a split system at a distance), then the flow will still cause a draft. And let’s be honest, when moving, these guides emit a not very pleasant hum and sometimes a grinding sound.

And here at Samsung, engineers got tired of all this, and they figured out what can be done so that the air from the air conditioner of the WindFree line comes out. We pressed a button on the remote control, the blower closed, and the air conditioner began to release cold air through all the holes. And then physics. Cold air goes down, hot air rises, cools down, and goes down again. The beauty!

Air conditioners with WindFree technology effectively maintain the set temperature and eliminate drafts. The cooled air enters through 23,000 micro-vents, so the air in the room is evenly distributed over the entire area, and 77% less energy is wasted. By the way, energy savings can be monitored in the app.

In fact, not every hole hides a blower. There is still a piece of design here. But still, behind the mesh, there are two rows of holes through which the Samsung AR9500T expels air. In addition, apart also goes through the grill of the cover of a classic blower.

There is a small screen on the right side of the beveled part. On it, you can see the current temperature and whether the air conditioner is connected to Wi-Fi. I did not find any buttons on the indoor unit. So, if you need to turn it off urgently, and the remote control and smartphone are lost, you will have to pull the machine in the dashboard.

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Samsung AR9500 WindFree remote and control

With the remote control of the Samsung AR9500T WindFree air conditioner, everything is straightforward. Anyone can figure out the buttons here. The main ones are brought closer to the screen. You can adjust the temperature, select the mode (fast cooling or windless WindFree), switch between automatic or manual modes, adjust the movement of the guides for the airflow.

Below are buttons for additional settings, timer, sleep mode, change to the ecological mode, or dehumidification mode. In fact, all you need to do is set the temperature buttons and toggle between WindFree and normal mode. The rest can be configured from the app.

Like many Samsung home appliances, this Samsung AR9500T air conditioner is pretty smart. More precisely, it has Wi-Fi and connectivity to the SmartThings app, and it’s smart already. The entire connection takes 3 minutes at most (5 minutes if you do not have a Samsung account).

From the application, you can switch everything in the same way as on the remote control. You can set the sleep mode or the mode so that the air conditioner turns on before you come home. An unusual function is to see how much energy you have saved without using the most powerful mode but using WindFree or some other eco-friendly mode.

Among other things, SmartThing can be connected to Google Home or another compatible assistant and control the air conditioner by voice. We set it up as “Mister Freeze,” so now it’s always easy to say, “Hey Google, turn on Mister Freeze,” and after a few seconds, the room is already cool.

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