We continue to get acquainted with the family of robotic vacuum cleaners from the Rowenta company. And today, we will talk about one of the top models with support for wet cleaning, a good set of accessories, and a functional smartphone application that will greatly facilitate your life.


Complete with a robot vacuum cleaner, Rowenta has provided everything you need to keep your home as clean as possible. In addition to the vacuum cleaner and the docking station, the box contains two additional turbo brushes for thorough cleaning of long hair, a fluffy brush for cleaning the smallest particles of dust.

Since we are dealing with a vacuum cleaner that supports wet cleaning, the kit comes with a special attachment with a set of microfiber napkins with different properties. Also included is a dry cleaning cloth with anti-allergic properties.

Design, layout Rowenta X-plorer Serie 95

It is rather difficult to describe the design of robotic vacuum cleaners since they are all made in the same layout – a flat disc with sensors on the front and top, wheels and a brush on the bottom, and a dust collection compartment on the side or top.

All this is typical for the new vacuum cleaner from Rowenta. The only difference is that thanks to the successful combination of white and black colors, the vacuum cleaner looks modern, stylish, and fits any interior. At the same time, he does not get lost in it but complements it, almost like the PlayStation 5.

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The vacuum cleaner is completely made of plastic, fortunately, not glossy, so there is a complete order with practicality. The same can be said for the docking station. It is compact, minimalistic, and practical.

Setting up, working with the application

There are few buttons on the robot – start/stop cleaning and return to the base. Both buttons are also operation status indicators. Under the top cover, you can also access the wireless Wi-Fi indicator and dust bin, as well as the filter.

But the Rowenta X-plorer Serie 95 is fully revealed when you install a proprietary application on your smartphone specifically for the X-plorer S75-S95 series of vacuum cleaners.

In it, you can adjust the cleaning power, create a schedule, enable wet cleaning, and create virtual boundaries for the vacuum cleaner in your room. Or, conversely, specify specific cleaning rooms. All this will be available only after the vacuum cleaner has examined your premises.

As for the cleaning power, you can adjust it within 4 levels with different noise levels. For filthy places, the Auto Boost function is provided, due to which the vacuum cleaner briefly increases the power and then reduces it for a comfortable noise level.

If you live in a house with several floors, then the vacuum cleaner will be useful in this case since the application can store information about two floors.

The app also has a set of useful features. For example, you can use your smartphone as a remote control, thanks to which you can indicate a specific direction of travel for the vacuum cleaner. Or you can watch consumables such as brushes and filters are worn out.

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As befits any modern smart product, the Rowenta X-plorer Serie 95 has the ability to control the voice assistants Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Cleaning process

I should immediately note that the vacuum cleaner remained within acceptable noise limits even at the maximum power level, rarely going beyond the 65 dB level. At the same time, I had no complaints about the quality of the cleaning.

The vacuum cleaner follows the room in zig-zags and moves slightly above average speed compared to the competition. For example, cleaning 20 sq. m of premises took him about 20 minutes and about 20% of the battery capacity at maximum cleaning power. Again, there are not the slightest complaints about the quality. The only thing that I could not check is how he removes the hair of animals since I don’t have any at home.

As for wet cleaning, it should be understood that this function is more like cleaning surfaces with a damp cloth than a serious tool. But as an additional factor for cleanliness, it is fine, especially for those who suffer from allergies.

An interesting solution is used in this model: a container with dust is combined with a water tank. And the amount of water itself is electronically regulated. This can be configured in the application for each room separately.

As I said, the vacuum cleaner moves around the room quite energetically, but what is missing is smoothness. For example, if, for some reason, it stands in front of a vacuum cleaner, then it will not be able to stop quickly. This is not to say that you will receive a painful blow, but you will feel the great power of the electric motor. This also applies to collisions with inanimate obstacles. In addition, when using this model, it is definitely worth removing cables and wires from the road of the vacuum cleaner and shoes. Or lay virtual boundaries.

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The fact is that the vacuum cleaner is not so sensitive to light obstacles. By winding the cord from the laptop around one of the side brushes, it can easily drop it to the floor, even before the security system stops movement.

I can’t say that it spoils the overall impression, but some competitors, for example, iRobot, have smoother movement patterns, and the sensors themselves are more sensitive. In this case, you will have to prepare the surfaces for cleaning more thoroughly.

stylish design, cleaning quality, customization, and control options

high cost, some motion algorithms need improvement

Conclusion: Should you buy Rowenta X-plorer Serie 95?

The Rowenta X-plorer Serie 95 is a functional and beautiful robot vacuum cleaner that will clean your room with high quality. Thanks to the flexibility of the setting, the vacuum cleaner can be easily adjusted to the noise level, cleaning power, and frequency you need. It will be handy for allergy sufferers and those who have pets at home. In this model, almost everything is good, but there are two nuances – this is not a budget model, and I would like the vacuum cleaner to move a little smoother. But, otherwise, this is definitely not just a toy, but a handy gadget in everyday life.

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