In the past, we have already had reviews of e-ink readers from AIRON – then we got acquainted with the flagship AirBook Pro 8 with a screen diagonal of 8 “and a more compact model equipped with a 6” screen. This year, the company released an updated version of the second device – AirBook Pro 6s, which we will meet today.


The packaging design has completely changed: instead of the black color used for the previous models, the AirBook Pro 6s received a yellow box in a “dust jacket” made of white cardboard with a colorful pattern. Inside, you can find the reader itself, a USB cable, and a card with a QR code, by which you can download an electronic version of the user manual. The charger is not included in the package.

Design and Ergonomics

AirBook Pro 6s is made in a classic design for this type of device: a compact body made of matte black plastic, with the same bezels on the top and sides of the screen and slightly wider at the bottom. Compared to its predecessor, the frame and, accordingly, the dimensions of the case have become smaller, and the weight of the “book” has also decreased: from 192 g for the AirBook Pro 6 to 165 g for the new item. In the hands of the new model lies very well, with dimensions of 152.5x113x8 mm and such a mass (less than most modern smartphones), it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand and does not “pull” your hand during prolonged reading.

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Other differences: the AirBook Pro 6s has only one hardware button – power on; in the new product, it has moved from the bottom to the right side, closer to the top. The side hardware buttons for turning pages and the touch-sensitive Back button below the screen are a thing of the past. At the bottom, there is only a micro-USB connector and a slot for microSD memory cards (the maximum supported volume is 128 GB).

Hardware platform

Like its predecessors, the AirBook Pro 6s is essentially an Android tablet with a custom skin and an e-ink screen designed for long-term comfortable reading. The new product uses a quad-core Rockchip RK3326 chip, 1 GB of RAM, and 16 GB of internal storage (for comparison, the Pro 6 had a dual-core Rockchip RK3026 and half the amount of memory). Battery capacity – 1750 mAh; operating time, according to the manufacturer, is up to 14 days in the “reader” mode or up to 10 hours with constant use of the device, for example, in a browser.

Operating system, functionality

The AirBook Pro 6s runs Android 8.1, a notable system upgrade over the Pro 6, which ran Android 4.2.2. The main screen has been completely redesigned. It is a “grid” of icons (in the settings, you can choose a different size, from 3×3 to 4×5).

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The built-in book reader supports all popular formats, including EPUB, FB2, MOBI, PDF, DJVU, allows you to select the frequency of full page refresh, customize screen hot zones for touch control, select font, font size, page formatting, etc. .d. As before, the reader has support for Google services, so if the user is not satisfied with the built-in “reader,” you can install any application to your taste from the Play Market application store – CoolReader, ReadEra, etc.

You can also listen to audiobooks or regular music on the AirBook Pro 6s (for example, while reading) – the reader has a built-in audio player, plus, again, you can download any other player to your liking from the Play Market. You won’t be able to connect a wired headset to the device – there is no mini-jack on the AirBook Pro 6s – but wireless headphones can be connected via Bluetooth without any problems.

From the older AirBook Pro 8, the A2 mode migrated here, which increases the screen refresh rate, reduces the number of displayed grayscales, and reduces screen power consumption.

Updating the hardware platform and the operating system’s version increased the interface’s speed, but, of course, the reader feels very slow when used as an Android tablet – this is primarily due to the inertia of the e-ink screen. However, while reading a book, AirBook Pro 6s does not fundamentally differ from other readers with the same type of screen in terms of responsiveness.

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AirBook Pro 6s received a new version of the screen – it uses E-Ink HD Carta with a resolution of 1448×1072 pixels and a pixel density of 300 PPI (in Pro 6, the usual E-Ink Carta with a resolution of 1024×768 pixels was installed). The screen is touch-sensitive. There is a built-in backlight with 24 brightness levels. At zero value, the backlight is completely turned off. Also, in the settings, there are templates for quickly changing the brightness for different situations (“Day,” “Night,” “Bed”). The backlighting is fairly uniform. There are some dark or yellow spots along the edges. No light under the edge of the frame was noticed.

E-Ink HD Carta screen with 300 PPI dot density; Android with Play Market support; listening to audiobooks using Bluetooth headphones

The slowness of the screen in Android tablet mode; autonomy could be higher

Conclusion: Should you buy AIRON AirBook Pro 6s?

AirBook Pro 6s is an updated version of the e-ink screen reader running Android OS. Compared to its predecessor, it received a slightly smaller and lighter body, a more powerful chipset, and a new version of Android, as well as an updated screen with a higher resolution.

Specifications: AIRON AirBook Pro 6s

A typeBacklit e-book
Diagonal, inches6
Resolution, points1448×1072
Matrix typeE Ink Carta HD
Touch screen+
Built-in memory, GBsixteen
Memory card slotmicroSD up to 128 GB
Interface connectorMicro USB-B
Audio jack
3G / 4G
Accumulator battery1750 mAh
Opening hours (manufacturer’s data)Up to 14 days in reading mode
Dimensions, mm152.5 x 113 x 8
Weight, g165
YetOC Android 8.1, Play Market, browser

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