In the first year of the coronavirus, I enjoyed doing sports at home so much that I closed both subscriptions to the clubs and set up a gym for myself right in the apartment. The TRX was bought, the treadmill was updated (now it is the NordicTrack X7i). I’m not talking about all sorts of balls – dumbbells, rubber bands, etc. Comfortable! In the morning, I woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, worked out with a coach, took another shower, went to my office. Excellent.

But I have long dreamed of starting boxing – then there was no time, then somehow the very thought of this seemed strange, after all, not twenty years and all that, but if I could, but if they gave me a shot.

Guys, you have to pick up and go.

This is exactly what I did a month ago. Today was the twelfth training session, and I regret not taking up this business earlier.

During the first training, various points surfaced. I already wrote about gloves – it’s great when there is an opportunity to buy Hayabusa. I recommend it to everyone. Then I learned to wind bandages. Then I changed my entire sports uniform and sneakers – you could do fitness in Yeezy; other shoes are better for boxing. Instead of a Garmin watch – a Garmin chest strap, because the watch does not fit into a glove (and in general, I stopped wearing rings and bracelets all the time, although I love all of this very much).

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And, most importantly, the volume of the beautiful Louis Vuitton bag is no longer enough for me. In the old days, there was a uniform with sneakers, soap-and-mouth, and all sorts of other necessary things. Now imagine adding boxing gloves and a helmet to that.

I began to search. What to say, first of all, sports bags of sports brands are some hell. All these inscriptions about sports, some stripes, lightning, and other nonsense – like in the world of gaming accessories: a gaming laptop slept with a gaming monitor and got a gaming mouse with lights and special effects. Secondly, large bags of fashion brands are not functional, uncomfortable, and the size is different. Thirdly, I despaired looking for something in TSUM and Farfetch and only remembered Bag & Wallet. I looked at the assortment, immediately found a good Peak Design bag, took it. I have been going with it for almost a month and decided to tell you.

Here’s a good official video of a girl dragging a snowboard outside and clothes and stuff inside. Here is this video. Take a look:

Dimensions (edit)

As the name suggests, the Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 65L has a volume of 65 liters. In practice, sneakers, uniforms, gloves, bandages, a hairdryer are placed here (I like my Parlux 3500 Supercompact), slippers for the shower, a helmet, mouth guard, perfume, first aid kit – and the whole world will also fit.

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The bag can be made smaller or larger, thanks to the zippers. It is very convenient to put everything in and out of it. It can be unfastened exactly in the middle. Unfortunately, there is no fixation in the unbuttoned state, and this is the only complaint.

The set includes additional straps for attaching things outside.


The bag is available in two colors: black and gray-green. I chose the black model out of habit. The outer material is specially treated to protect from moisture 600D nylon. The inside is nylon of a different color for easy detection of things.

There are pockets for change inside and outside. In principle, they could build in here a pocket for a laptop or tablet.

But here, you need to understand something about Peak Design: the company offers you a modular design. The Peak Design assortment has its own bags for the camera, for things, bags for cosmetics, etc., and more – if you wish, you can make a photo bag, a sports bag, as in my case, or a backpack for travel from this huge backpack.

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By the way, I already wrote a review of Peak Design bags for cosmetics and technology – they are exactly the modules for the brand’s large backpacks.

Peak Design Travel Accessories Review

Water-resistant zippers are good.

You can carry the backpack in different ways: there are handles on all sides, the straps can be stowed away in special pockets, or, on the contrary, you can pull out and carry the Travel Duffelpack like a backpack. Fasten up additional thigh straps if desired – a useful thing on a long hike.

Conclusion: Should I buy Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 65L ?

Peak Design Travel Duffelpack 65L costs $219.95 on Amazon (You can get the best deals here). Naturally, this is more expensive than most sports bags – but cheaper than products from well-known brands. And there is certainly more room in Peak Design. And the Travel Duffelpack is thought out in every detail: it is convenient to open the zipper, wear it on the shoulder, and adjust the straps’ length or the internal volume. The bag can be used both for “sports” trips and for trips – and in this capacity, we also recently tested it: fit two sleeping bags, fleece, shoes, and a whole lot of other goods. It is comfortable to wear. Here I also have no complaints.

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