CCTV cameras have become part of our life for a long time. They are found on the roads, in shops, malls and banks. They watch out for violators and guard our safety. But the camera can be useful at home too. First, of course, for those who have pets. I am writing this text from vacation, but my cat is at home alone and I can see if everything is all right with the camera.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

And secondly, if suddenly you have a cleaning lady, nanny or someone else, then the camera will not be superfluous. This is your safety, which is very inexpensive. And today we are going to see one interesting representative of this class – the Ranger 2 camera.

IMOURanger 2 complete set

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

The box of this camera is not particularly remarkable. But the complete set is complete. In addition to the camera itself, there is a long microUSB cable inside for connecting power to the camera, a platform for attaching the camera to a wall or ceiling. As well as screws and a special mark to correctly mark the place for the holes on the wall. Yes, and there is an adapter!

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

In general, the equipment is maximum here. Having bought a camera, you don’t have to think about anything else. The only thing is, if you want to save recordings locally, you have to buy a microSD flash drive, but these are just nuances. Well, let’s see the camera itself and what it can do.

Appearance of IMOU Ranger 2

The first thing that caught my eye when I took the camera in hand was its size. She is very compact and seems to be even smaller than her classmates. Thanks to its no protruding design, it can easily be hung in a corner or any other difficult place.

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Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

The camera itself in IMOU Ranger 2 does not close in any way, but turns downward, which allows you to block the shooting. This is necessary if you are uncomfortable with a camera at home. For other models, for example, you need to turn the camera to the wall or come up with something else, but here everything is quite simple and elegant.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

But if, on the contrary, raise the camera as high as possible (provided that it is on the table), then we will see a little secret. Here is hidden a slot for microSD and a reset button. What’s great, you need to press it not with a needle, but just with your finger. However, the slot and the button will come in handy at most once at a time.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

There are two ports on the back of the camera. And if everything is clear with microUSB, then the second surprised me. IMOU have built in full-size Ethernet RJ-45 here. It would seem, why? In the age of wireless networks and 5G, you can already do without it. It’s simple. Wi-Fi can be muted, just like a mobile network, and it just happens that there are problems with wireless equipment. And the cable is reliable. However, the same camera can be used not only for home, but also for a warehouse or office. And there it does not always make sense to put an expensive router with Wi-Fi, if you can just stretch a few meters of twisted pair. So, the decision, although non-standard, is quite logical.

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IMOU Ranger 2 features

Despite its small size, the Ranger 2 is packed with modern features. The most important thing in video surveillance is the quality of the recording and that the camera is always on. With the second you will figure it out yourself, but you can be calm about the quality. The camera can shoot H.265 video in 1080P FullHD resolution. Of course, the camera itself rotates 355 degrees, but not cyclically around the axis. There is also a tilt, in general, the camera will be able to look around the entire room and it will not have much dead zones.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

Of the interesting functions, there is human detection, as well as intelligent tracking, when the camera follows a moving object. In general, this is enough for monitoring any apartment or even office. In addition, there is a two-way communication, so that, for example, you can convey something important to the nanny who stayed at home with your child while you work.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

The camera is installed in a matter of minutes. It is enough to download the IMOU Life application, register and connect the camera. Everything happens intuitively: you need to point the smartphone camera at the QR code below, enter the password of the available Wi-Fi (or insert the cable), and the camera will connect and will be visible in the application.

Review of the IMOU Ranger 2 camera

In the application (exists for Android and iOS), you can control the position of the camera and rotate it in all directions. In addition, you can view previous records, but for this you have to insert a USB flash drive or buy cloud storage. A month costs $ 4, and if you take it for a year, then only $ 50. Not so much if you want to have access to the records anytime, anywhere.

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The program features are pretty standard. She sends notifications if she noticed movement and allows you to watch the recording. By the way, there is also a siren function.

In the control of the camera, you can turn on audio communication, record a moment separately, take a photo of the frame, and turn the camera in different directions. Nothing unusual, but everything is done conveniently, anyone can figure it out.

Conclusions: Should you buy IMOU Ranger 2?

There are a lot of cameras for the home now. But the devil is in the little things, and IMOU managed to provide everything needed from such a device. The design of the camera itself allows you to hang or put it in hard-to-reach places. The application is convenient and fast. In general, if you need a compact video surveillance system, perhaps now this is one of the best solutions. And the best part is that the camera costs about 4 thousand rubles. For that kind of money, you get very convenient pet monitoring when you leave the house. Well, also protection from intruders. Not a bad investment, agree.

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