Checkout this great review of the Apple MacBook Pro 13. How exactly to preserve the original appearance of the laptop and how to protect it, everyone decides for themselves. You don’t have to worry about the ideal appearance at all, but you can hide the device in a case or pick up transparent overlays. I also want to tell you about the last option. Our hero is Moshi iGlaze Hardshell Case for MacBook Pro 13 sample 2020.

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The set includes two covers made of transparent matte plastic. One is put on the top cover, the second is mounted on the bottom block with the keyboard.

The design is extremely laconic; at the top, only a mention of the accessory manufacturer is noticeable.

Protection extends from all sides and covers the most vulnerable places – sharp corners, which inevitably become covered with micro-chips with active use.

The cover is easy to fix, but very tight. You can remove it if necessary, but you have to make some effort to unfasten the plastic panels.

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The photo shows slightly protruding “latches” holding the pads in place.

We have not forgotten about the rubber feet, they are present on the bottom panel.

Ventilation slots are also available, as are the side slots.

The case is minimalistic, thin and light. Moshi iGlaze is good as a subtle but effective protection for an aluminum case.

The cover costs 3590 rubles as part of the promotion “Back to school”… After the completion of the special offer, it will cost 4190 rubles.

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The transparent case does not significantly affect the weight of the MacBook Pro 13; it does not increase the size of the case. Moshi iGlaze is neat, looks good and protects the case from scratches and abrasions, keeping your laptop in top condition.

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