An improved version of the Huawei Watch GT2 is already on sale. How significant are the improvements, is it worth overpaying for them? We study during the test.

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Just the other day, the sales of the new Huawei Watch GT2 Pro smartwatches started. More precisely, not new – in fact, this is an upgrade of the already familiar GT2. It became interesting to compare the two versions, so we immediately took the gadget for a test. 

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro: Design and screen

The Huawei Watch GT2 Pro doesn’t look like a premium watch – it’s a premium watch. Titanium alloy case, sapphire crystal to protect the screen from scratches, ceramic on the back… Austere design, which, however, can be diluted with funny skins. The bezel is decorated with only graphic symbols, no numbers. 

The screen here is the same as the regular GT2 – 1.39-inch AMOLED with 454×454 resolution. Brightness is sufficient for most situations, except that some information is lost in direct sunlight. The brightness can be adjusted manually, or you can leave this process at the mercy of electronics: the latter option is more practical. The only problem is that the adjustment in automatic mode sometimes slows down. 

The strap is removable. There are two in the set: black fluoroelastomer and gray-brown leather.

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The watch is large enough and looks great on a man’s hand, but it will look too massive on a thin wrist. 

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I usually try to take good care of my test gadgets, but this watch is out of luck. What did not happen to them: they repeatedly got into the shower (I had already lost the habit of taking off the watch), got wet in the rain with me, swam in a chlorinated pool, and participated in the renovation the apartment. In the latter case, I forgot to take them off before plastering and sanding the walls. 

I must say that the case, the glass, and the strap are still as new. 

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro Features: New and Old

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One of the main features of the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro is wireless charging. There were no problems with Watch GT2 charging – the podium with contacts connects quickly and accurately. You don’t need to insert wires into the case here. But the Pro version can not only be charged with a standard device – the beauty is that any other will do. For example, the one with which you charge your smartphone. By the way, you can also receive energy from a smartphone directly: without wires or via USB-C, depending on the model. 

As usual, the assortment offers different types of skins – that is, dials. Simultaneously, of the “regular” ones.

The dials differ not only in design – some can customize. For example, this one can be reconfigured almost completely by changing additional parameters (in small circles). 

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The essential functions are all in place. Tracking heart rate, number of steps taken and calories burned, monitoring sleep, stress … As before, the statistics are entirely accurate. 

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Just yesterday, an update arrived, and now Watch GT2 Pro can not only measure the level of oxygen in the blood but control it always. 

The number of fitness programs is even excessive. The most popular ones are installed by default, but you will find an incredible assortment in the “Additional” section. How about you, for example, “Archery”? Or here’s another: “Kite”! 

The device detects running and walking automatically. For example, after 10 minutes of walking, it suggests switching to training mode. It is a very useful feature.

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The interactive features of the watch are not that wide. They have a speaker and microphone so you can always answer a call. This is convenient when, for example, you are brushing your teeth or having breakfast, and here your colleagues already want to hear you – you don’t have to run for a smartphone. You can also upload tracks to the internal memory (slightly less than 4 GB available), plug in headphones and listen to music directly. Also useful for jogging if you don’t want to carry your phone in your pocket. 

What you can’t do is reply to messages. As before, you can select apps whose notifications will be sent to your watch. All of them (plus SMS) are in one feed, but each is marked with an application icon. Emoticons and pictures are not supported – just an empty field is displayed instead. 

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Huawei Watch GT2 Pro: Autonomy

Huawei Watch GT2 Pro came to me for a test right after the Samsung Galaxy Watch3, which was discharged on the second day, even with austerity. Against their background, the Chinese watch is just an example of autonomy. With the constant monitoring of heart rate, stress and sleep turned on, the battery easily withstood 8-9 days, and this period can be extended to 2 weeks if you do not use constant monitoring. 

As I already said, either a standard device (a white “washer” approximately in ordinary GT2s) or any other wireless device is used for charging. It takes about 2 hours to charge through the standard one. 

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Conclusion: What we think of the Huawei Watch GT2 Pro?

It’s hard for me to say what people value about smartwatches. For example, I will never put on a model that needs to be charged almost more often than the smartphone itself – no matter how advanced it is. Personally, my requirements are not high: a decent appearance, essential functions such as monitoring activity and sleep, correct display of notifications, autonomy for at least 5-6 days. The Watch GT2 Pro has it all, and exotic things like ECG recording are not in demand to waste time and resources. 

The upgrade to the Huawei Watch GT2 turned out to be not very large-scale, so many users will be satisfied with the watch’s original version, especially since it costs a third less. It would be nice to add more dials to respond to notifications with templates. Yes, in principle, many things can be added. The main thing is to keep those bold advantages that allowed Huawei’s watches to become famous: good autonomy and not an exorbitant price. 

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