For several years now, I have switched to wireless chargers in the home. And two new Prestigio ReVolt models are very helpful in getting rid of unnecessary wires. I think the ideal MagSafe now, which I talked about. But unfortunately, it only works for the iPhone 12 so far, and although you can put any gadget on top, it’s not so convenient. Well, it doesn’t work for Apple Watch either. I often need to charge three phones, a watch, a headset, an iPad, and some other portable batteries. And for a long time, I used a bunch of adapters, wires placed on sockets throughout the apartment. This is especially difficult to do before travelling when a wife needs to charge about the same set of gadgets. In general, the ReVolt A8 and A6 are great in this situation and let’s figure out how.

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Charging Station Prestigio ReVolt A8

ReVolt A8 is a mobile docking station placed on a table and charged up to three devices at once. Any smartphone fits perfectly here, headphones are placed behind, and a clock is placed on top. And if a smartphone may not necessarily be an iPhone, and headphones not necessarily AirPods, then only an Apple Watch will fit the watch. It’s all about the standards, the same Qi is used to charge the Apple Watch as for the iPhone and AirPods, but the coil size is smaller. And it doesn’t fit Samsung watches, for example.

Externally, the ReVolt A8 looks very cool. It is anodized aluminium with bevels on all sides. It is matte and does not show dust and prints. True, the places where the coils are located, due to the physical characteristics of energy transfer, are made of glossy tempered glass. And now it already perfectly collects both dust and prints, so it is better to wipe it periodically.

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Prestigio ReVolt A8 connects via one USB-C cable and has enough power to charge three devices simultaneously. The adapter is here for 20 W, but we get 10 W for the smartphone at the output. After several tests, I can say that this is quite enough to charge the iPhone 12 Pro in 2.5 hours from 0 to 100%, but the watch and headphones during this time, of course, also manage to receive the required amount of energy.

There is a healthy rubber pad underneath that prevents the platform from sliding on the table at all. The ReVolt A6, which we will talk about later, has small legs from the bottom of the same material.

When the device is connected to the network, the red LED below lights up. If you put any device on the charger, the corresponding blue LED will light up. There are magnets only in the charger for the Apple Watch, so it’s best to check that everything is charging so that later there will be no disappointment.


I tested various gadgets at this charging station, everything is fine. Only on a couple of Apple Watch straps, because they are rigid, there is a nuance that the watch does not reach the charging magnet. However, this is a special case and the difficulties with charging a watch with a monobracelet. It will have to be pulled over the body of the station.

ReVolt A8 is a great gadget that will allow you always to have a charged smartphone, headphones and watch close at hand. Also, it has an essential feature that I have not seen in other analogues. Two magnetic coils were made in the platform for charging the smartphone. Therefore, the smartphone can be placed horizontally and watch movies, for example, and charged simultaneously. This is an essential feature because it is usually possible to place the gadget only vertically, and it is not very comfortable to watch content in this format.

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Prestigio ReVolt A8 costs only 5,000 rubles. Considering that one Apple adapter will cost about 2 thousand rubles, and a MagSafe wire, for example, almost 4 thousand rubles, such a universal charger for three gadgets can greatly save your budget. But you need to understand that you will not get the benefits of MagSafe and fast charging with a 20W adapter.

Charging station Prestigio ReVolt A6

If the ReVolt A8 allows you to charge only three gadgets at a time, then the ReVolt A6 is already capable of more. There is one platform for wireless charging of a smartphone (10 W, Qi technology) or headphones and one for charging the watch. Also, there are 4 USB ports. And, importantly, two are USB ‑ C, and two are standard USB ‑ A. That is, as many as 6 gadgets can be charged at the same time. Yes, 4 of them are by wire, but this is sometimes needed. For example, the iPad Pro does not have wireless charging, and several of my external batteries do not.

The coolest thing is there are USB ‑ C outputs. The fact is that in the latest iPhone 12, the adapter was removed from the box, and the wire is there with a Type-C connector. And for the iPad, there are already Type-C wires. Usually, standard USB-A is used in such charging stations, but Prestigio is on the wave of progress and has already made modern outputs. This is commendable. The USB ‑ C outputs are PD (Power Delivery) technology and deliver a maximum of 20W. And USB ‑ A uses QC (QuickCharge) technology and outputs up to 18 watts.

The device comes with two USB ‑ C / USB ‑ C cables, one USB ‑ A / USB ‑ C cable and one USB ‑ A / Lightning cable. And this is very cool because there is nothing in the box with such devices, and you need to use your own wires. They are right there. They are short and just suitable for use in the ReVolt A6.

In terms of design, the ReVolt A6 is similar to the A8. Here, the device’s body is also made of aluminium, and the entire top panel made of dark tempered glass looks very cool. For the convenience of installing devices, 4 panels of different sizes were installed here. Now gadgets will not randomly lie around the outlet but can neatly lie in their places.

ReVolt A6 wirelessly charges iPhone 12 Pro in about the same time as ReVolt A8 in 2.5 hours. But on the wire, of course, a couple of times faster. Since I often put my gadgets to charge at night, Prestigio ReVolt A6 greatly saves me from chaos in wires and scattering devices throughout the apartment. Put everything in one place, plug it in, and you can sleep. And if you use it together with the A8, I can charge all the devices I need, and there will be room for my wife’s tablet and smartphone.

Conclusions about Prestigio ReVolt

Prestigio is concerned about convenience and has created two useful devices that help in several ways. First, through wireless technology, you can reduce your home’s number of wires and reduce your carbon footprint. Secondly, it is convenient. Thirdly, with the ReVolt A6 and A8, there will be no chaos in the wires lying on all flat surfaces of gadgets and all that follows. I really liked both devices and would recommend using both of them at home. ReVolt A8 perfectly settled down on the table, and now I always have a charged smartphone, headphones and a watch. Well, the ReVolt A6 lives near the bed and charges batteries, a tablet and a spare phone on it. It seems that for myself, I have found the perfect solution for charging the entire fleet of devices.

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