Perhaps it is high time for me to confess my love for the iPhone. Over the past two years, I realized that I could not give up this smartphone. But what I love more than the iPhone itself is that it stays intact. I have scratched it and even broken it twice. Therefore, I use covers and glasses. And although we live in an age of consumption, there are very few good cases.

I really like Apple-branded cases, and I have already written why you need to choose them, and not incomprehensible fakes. But they only have a silicone and leather version for the iPhone 12. And sometimes you want something exclusive. And this is where Moshi comes in and makes some really cool accessories. We will consider a couple of today.

Moshi Altra: My Ideal

The most basic thing I love about this case is the design. I love geometric shapes, and here the whole back panel is made with a symmetrical graphic pattern. Combined with plastic and textiles, it looks very premium. Take a look for yourself if you don’t believe it.

The case protects iPhone 12 from all sides and protrudes slightly from the screen. It is powerful and must withstand more than one fall from a person’s height. It is delightful that the lower part is also protected here, usually not found in all cases. All buttons are duplicated, and inside there is a metal frame that will prevent your iPhone 12 from being damaged in any way if it falls. Like other Moshi cases, this one is protected by the military MIL-STD-810G standard.

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This case also has a special moment – the strap. I am not at all a supporter of hanging the phone in my hand. But I am sure that there are such people. And here, it is straightforward to clip on and allows you to safely hold the iPhone 12 in the palm of your hand. Yes, there is no need to be afraid that the smartphone will fall out. It will simply hang on the strap.

This case will suit both a business suit and a casual style. Fortunately, it is completely neutral in color. And it looks equally good with any combination of other accessories.

Another important and inconspicuous moment, in this case, is safety. Because the case is rubberized on all sides, it is tough to drop it from your hands. In the version for iPhone 11, there was a glossy surface on the side, and here it is also ribbed to match the back panel. And that’s great.

Honestly, for the first few days, it seemed to me that the cover was too big. It increases the dimensions of the phone, and it is not very convenient. But after some time, I got used to it, and now I can no longer refuse this cover. I’ve been going with him for the second month now, tried to switch to iGlaze, but almost immediately came back.

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Moshi iGlaze: Brilliant!

This case is more similar to what you usually see for an iPhone. It has ribbed sides like the Altra, but it’s a shiny panel that looks like a ceramic plate on the back. It has all the same features as the previous one, but it looks completely different. It is like a very smooth polished stone or a night sky with a myrriad of stars inside a frozen glass.

Of course, iGlaze has a deep blue color, similar to the proprietary color of the iPhone 12. The gloss is nice here, but most importantly, fingerprints and dust are not very visible on the case. Usually, shiny surfaces are instantly smeared, but here it is not. I went with the cover for a week, and only in rare places can I notice some traces. And they are easy to erase.

The case looks very stylish. If you have patent leather shoes or some shiny piece of clothing, then Moshi iGlaze will suit the style very well. This is no longer for every day, but rather for a holiday. However, you can make yourself a holiday every day.

Both of these cases support wireless charging. Although not stated, I tested them on MagSafe. Unfortunately, due to the case’s thickness, Apple’s proprietary charging magnets do not reach the magnets in the iPhone 12. However, the charge still goes, except that the unit itself does not dock. So I realized that charging the iPhone in the car and attaching it to the MagSafe will not work. But you can do it using SnapTo.

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Moshi SnapTo Car Mount Review with Wireless Charging

Both of these cases, the Altra and iGlaze, support Moshi’s proprietary SnapTo system. I already talked about it in this cover and car mount review. In short, two metal plates are inserted into the case inside, and after that, the smartphone can be attached to any SnapTo accessory. It convenient, but I was hoping MagSafe could replace this type of mount. Alas, the magnets are too weak, but the SnapTo is held so that nothing will fall for sure. For a car, the solution is almost perfect.

In my opinion, Moshi now makes cases almost better than Apple branded cases. And they are relatively affordable. The cost of one cover is about $35, which is very good. Considering that you get the most secure case, this is the best investment.

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  • Cool design
  • Fall protection
  • Rubberized side edges
  • SnapTo system
  • Not very friendly with MagSafe


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