Life is short enough to spend untangling wired headphones or complex wireless connections. It is much easier and more correct to buy normal TWS headphones, which are also called truly wireless. Open the case, put in the headphones, and enjoy music, podcasts or videos. I myself switched to such headphones a long time ago and tried many options, buying them with my own money or receiving them from the editorial office for review. There were a lot of good models from different manufacturers, but somehow JBL models always stood apart. Before TWS, I preferred this brand, but now the choice has really become very large. I also have complaints about JBL headphones, but it’s all the more interesting to talk about them.

TWS earbuds are much more comfortable than any other.

JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS Headphones Review

Headphone packaging

As a theater begins with a coat rack, so any gadget starts with a box. New JBL CLUB PRO+ is sold in a box made in the style of the brand. But this time, the orange insert on the upper edge is complemented by black and not white color. So more premium or something. Moreover, these are the most expensive JBL headphones in the TWS category.

The box says a lot about the product.

The box opens like a book so that you can see how its contents look, but only the front of the case will be visible. But the rest of the box looks great, and even before turning it on shows the user that he was not mistaken with the choice and something good awaits him. But the instructions are somehow not beautiful. They were bent in half and stuffed into a box. I could not help but find fault.

Wireless TWS Headphone Case

Unlike many other market representatives, except for significantly more expensive ones, the headphone case is made of very high quality and does not raise any questions about its reliability. Metal hinge, and there is not the slightest hint of its backlash.

The lid opens resiliently and has two clearly fixed positions – open and closed. It often happens that it dangles without fixing, but there is no such thing. There is also no inconvenient removal of the headphones. This is also common on some other models and even in early versions of JBL’s TWS that came out a few years ago. The cover may interfere, the headphones may be set very deeply or simply swapped. Difficulties are different.

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JBL CLUB PRO+ has no such problem… The lid opens wide, the headphones stick out of the case, the magnets are moderately “tenacious,” and they fit in the case is such that you don’t need to intercept them on the way to and from the ear.

The case has built-in QI wireless charging, but there is also a USB Type-C connector on the case if you are for the classic methods. The case’s full charging time is approximately two hours, and the built-in battery lasts for three full charges of the headphones. If you add here 8 hours of sound from the headphones themselves, you get more than 30 hours of offline music. An hour of work is provided in just 10 minutes when CLUB PRO + is in the case.

It is very convenient to take out the headphones. This is rare and, for this, a separate plus.

How JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS sounds?

It is impossible to tell about the sound so that everyone understands everything at once. Sound is too subjective for this. It has many shades, but the perception of the same sounds in two people can be completely different.

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Nevertheless, it should be noted that JBL is true to itself and produces products with some shade peculiar only to it. There is an emphasis on low frequencies, as is usually the case in the brand’s headphones and speakers, but in some types of music, the middle is also very well “drawn.” With high frequencies, too, everything is in order.

JBL signature sound in place!

I got some complaints only after listening to some directions of rock and metal. When too many instruments merge into one range, some of them drown in each other. But even some people suffer from this: much more expensive headphones and even full-size models. Therefore, I cannot call it a minus, but I must warn you.

Active noise-canceling headphones

To not distract from the music, the JBL CLUB PRO+ has a built-in active noise cancellation system. It is as effective as this type of headphones allows. Of course, it will be stronger in full-size versions. It is enough so that the noise of a train or other transport does not press on your ears so much.

Even if someone is talking nearby, the built-in systems will “beat down” voices a little. But, if, on the contrary, you need to exchange a couple of phrases with someone, then for this, there is TalkThru technology. It will turn on external microphones and transmit sound from the inside. It is not very polite to communicate like this for a long time but to answer at the checkout whether a package is needed, the function is perfect.

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How to control TWS headphones?

To control the JBL CLUB PRO+, both headphones have touch panels. Calling an assistant, answering a call, and resetting it works on both the left and right. But to control the modes of noise reduction or, conversely, transparency, you can only on the left and control the music – only on the right.

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All basic functions are switched and controlled from the headphones themselves, but you can use the application if it is more convenient for you.

These tiny earbuds house all the controls – two touchpads.

My JBL Headphones App

It’s nice when the headphones can be controlled by touching or pressing the case and the smartphone application. Application My JBL Headphones released for iOS and Android will allow you to update your headphones’ firmware, adjust the sound quality, change the equalizer (including choosing ready-made presets of famous musicians), activate or deactivate noise-canceling modes, and much more. Even a simple tracking of the headphones’ status and case through the app becomes much more convenient.

The application allows you not only to monitor the status of the headphones but also to configure them.

Headphone sets

  • JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB to USB Type-C charging cable
  • Three sets of replacement ear pads (including one set installed)
  • Instructions

Should you buy JBL wireless headphones?

I used JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS for about two weeks, and during this time, I decided that I was ready to continue using headphones of this brand. I am satisfied with their sound and really like the value for money inherent in them.

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Against the background of more affordable brand models, the price tag of $179.95 may seem high to some, but at least for that, you get better sound quality and a wireless charging case. And it’s worth something.

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If you love JBL’s signature sound, are good about in-ear headphones (with rubber tips), and are ready to spend the indicated amount on this accessory, then you should take the JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS. They sound good, look stylish, and last a long time.











Noise Cancellation









  • Good noise isolation
  • Comfortable, stable fit
  • Portable design


  • Not water-resistant
  • No multi-device pairing
  • High PC latency

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