With these models, JBL conquers the market!

Hot June for JBL: new speakers with “Alice”, a new series of Club headphones, many other interesting events. Three issues have already been released; the selection of music is vigorous; everything is as expected.


Well, today we will talk about a new product, high-quality JBL Live 300 TWS headphones without questions! Let’s fly!

JBL Live 300 TWS Headphone: Design

All the same packaging design code, but the case and the headphones have several interesting features. For example, a light indicator was somehow cleverly placed around USB Type-C for charging: I inserted the cable – immediately a red light prompted, charging was in progress. Very well. There are also light indicators on the back of the headphones. I am impressed by this approach – the most painful when the indicators are exposed.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

The case is slightly larger in size than the case for AirPods Pro. The dimensions are on the verge of convenience – here are a few more millimetres, which will be completely inconvenient. It claims six hours of battery life. The total battery life is about twenty hours. There is a quick charge; in ten minutes, you can get an hour of work in the case.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

The model is available in several colours: white, blue, purple and black-grey, as in the review. The last option is the most practical, but take white headphones if you want something more fun. By the way, the cups in the ears are not particularly noticeable. They hide under a hat or long hair at once.

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JBL Live 300 TWS Review

The controls are straightforward: there are sensory areas on the left and right cups, the left side is responsible for voice assistants and additional functions (Ambient Aware and TalkThru), the right is for answering a call, playing back. By keeping your finger on the pad, you can adjust the volume. It’s easy to figure it out, put the My JBL Headphones app, and all the information and tips.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

My JBL Headphones App

I would also like to thank the developers for the bright design and general sense of reliability – usually in such applications. The headphones fall off. Everything is somehow not clear; the program may close. And here everything is clear, fast, pleasant. Liked! Among the additional functions, a voice assistant’s quick choice is Google or Alexa (it does not work for us), gesture settings. They immediately explain why Ambient Aware and TalkThru are needed. The first function will help on the street. If the cyclist suddenly signals, the call will be amplified, you will have time to jump. The second function is an analogue of the transparency mode, turned it on and you can calmly talk.

Naturally, the software version is visible in the application. It is possible to update the firmware. The current version is 3.3.0. While the firmware is being installed, you can continue listening to music, the process is not fast, the first time they called me. There was a failure – without consequences, during the continuation, the download did not even start from zero per cent, but from the place where the transmission was broken. In terms of security, everything is fine here.

Another interesting function is the equalizer, but a strange thing happened here. At the beginning of use, training takes place. It is suggested to add your own equalizer, then it goes to the screen with stripes, and nothing can be done here, the screen does not respond to pressing, the application has to be closed and opened again. Rebooting the smartphone did not help (I used the utility on iOS). Probably, they will correct the situation in the next software version.

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JBL Live 300 TWS Headphone: Comfort

From an anatomical point of view, the headphones sit very correctly. The silicone tip looks straight from the ear canal. The spacer fixes the cup gently but securely. In general, it rarely happens when you do not want to correct or touch anything while listening. I sat with headphones for about an hour and a half – yes, they are not as comfortable as the Bose NCH 700, but there is nothing to scold. Everything is good for a miniature model. Please note that you can change both the usual nozzles and the “seal”, there are different sizes in the kit.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

Please note: in the photo above, the girl is wearing the headphones incorrectly – the upper nozzle should, as it were, go inside and rest against the auricle.

JBL Live 300 TWS Headphone: Voice quality

The sound goes to both headphones, in the office I could be heard well, on the street too (surprisingly). Of course, the wind can get in the way, but I generally prefer to communicate using a smartphone or a wired EarPods headset, especially if there is a long conversation ahead.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

JBL Live 300 TWS Headphone: Sound

As always, the “New Music” section in Apple Music will help us. I am testing headphones paired with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Supports Bluetooth 5.0 profile and AAC codec, which is a huge plus for iOS devices. First track: Röyksopp – Oblique Thrills (Lost Tapes). A comfortable volume level of three quarters for me, smeared middle, the bass is not intrusive, some effects are not pronounced, but there is no porridge feeling either. This is a calm track. Everything is pleasant while listening to it. There was no desire to play with the equalizer. I tried a few more tracks later: techno, house, electronics sound good.

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JBL Live 300 TWS Review

Let’s listen to Wiz Khalifa – Contact (feat. Tyga). There are also few questions here, the vocals are convex, the whole harness sounds good, maybe I would like more bass, but this may be a question for the master – that is, how the track was prepared for uploading to the service.

Or here’s the track LA Priest – What Moves. I liked the transmission of the performer’s voice. Not bad, not bad!

JBL Live 300 TWS Headphone: Verdict

In retail, the headphones cost about 119.95 dollars. The JBL Live 300 TWS market seems to give nothing special: quiet operating time, good sound quality, it is convenient to speak, there is an application, no problems with connection and setup. All OK. But this “nothing special” is expensive – it is clear that JBL is trying to fill various niches with their products. Of course, this is done because of the major players, only Apple and JBL will soon remain, and it is tough to catch up with them in sales. And this is connected with just such “average” models like JBL Live 300 TWS – there is nothing to complain about, buy, use, listen to music.

JBL Live 300 TWS Review

Well, there, you see, we will see audiophile TWS and other experiments in this actively developing segment.

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