Among mid-range smartphones, the competition is getting stronger. The Redmi Note series consists of several phone models, the whole kingdom of devices is updated annually. In 2021, all attention will be focused on the Redmi Note 10 line. For testing, I got not the base Redmi Note 10, but it’s a more interesting brother in terms of characteristics. Redmi Note 10 Pro, leading a new family. Let’s unpack the next “top for our money” as soon as possible.

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Redmi Note 10 Pro is Beautifully Designed

I am pleased to see how the design of fairly simple devices is changing for the better. Although there are no revolutionary changes in the phone’s appearance, the Redmi Note 10 Pro looks attractive. The body is made of Gorilla Glass 5. The gradient color shimmers beautifully.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

The matte back of the phone is moderately dirty. I will not say that it always remains clean and not as stained as is usually the case with glossy cases. The frame on the sides is painted in the color of the case. It is made of plastic.

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Redmi Note 10 Pro

Notice how the camera block is multi-stage. It sticks out noticeably above the surface, and you can also feel it in the jeans pocket. For completeness, the promising Ultra Premium signature has been added.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Camera

The case is quite thin, not very heavy, and by the Redmi Note 10 Pro class’s standards, it turned out to be very nice. One can only complain that I would like an aluminum frame instead of plastic, but dreaming is not harmful. But there is waterproof IP53 level – you cannot swim with the phone, but it is not afraid of splashes.

Of the features, I can highlight the fingerprint scanner on the right side. It is built into the power key. The sensor works quickly and is convenient to use.

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Redmi Note 10 Pro Has A Great Screen

Rather thin frames surround the display, the “chin” is traditionally in place, but otherwise, everything is beautiful. The edges of the screen are slightly rounded, the factory protective film is glued on the Gorilla Glass 5, and the hole for the front camera is neatly made in the center.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

The phone is good in terms of color rendition. It has AMOLED with excellent contrast and moderate saturation. The margin of brightness is what you need: by default, the phone produces 450 nits, which is enough for indoor use, but outdoors you can manually set brighter settings and get about 700 nits.

The diagonal is impressive: 6.67 inches, the resolution is 1800 × 2400 pixels, and the phone even supports 120 Hz, which is a rarity for such money. It is always pleasant to appreciate the smooth operation of the interface, but in games, the phone switches to the usual 60 Hz mode. The same applies to YouTube or watching videos in the standard application. By the way, to save the battery, you can switch to a constant 60 Hz in the phone settings.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

Other features include support for HDR 10 and the cinematic DCI-P3 standard.

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Nothing Exceptional With Cameras

Moving on to testing cameras: Redmi Note 10 Pro has five modules:

  • Main camera with 108-megapixel Samsung ISOCELL HM2 sensor, f / 1.9;
  • Ultra-wide-angle 8 megapixels with Sony IMX355 module, f / 2.2;
  • Macro camera with autofocus at 5 megapixels, f / 2.4;
  • Depth module for symbolic 2 Mp;
  • The front camera is 16 megapixels, f / 2.4, which is quite modest.

For the main camera, a night mode is available when the phone takes a series of frames and immediately glues them into one. I will not say that the difference is critical, but you can notice the differences: a little less noise, the shadows are better worked out. Simultaneously, in the usual mode, the photos are more natural in colors because at a long exposure, often light objects are simply overexposed, and details disappear.

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For example, here is a photo without night mode:

And with night mode:

The camera shoots normally, but I did not notice much progress regarding the same Redmi Note 9 Pro- Redmi Note 9 Review: An Adequate Answer To The Tasks Set. The detailing is still low. The photos are slightly soapy. All the flaws are noticeable with the increase. If you want an inexpensive smartphone with a great camera, then the Google Pixel 4a is still out of the competition.

Photo on the main camera:

Ultra-wide-angle shoots bearable; at least it does not smear much around the edges and accurately reproduces colors:

The 2x zoom is digital, not optical, so keep that in mind. Although in daylight, it turns out pretty well if you post a photo on a social network:

A macro lens allows you to shoot objects at a fairly distant distance: about 3-10 cm. On the one hand, it is convenient. You don’t have to come close to a flower or leaf if you want to shoot a beautiful plant. On the other hand, you need to hold the phone very confidently. Otherwise, the chances of getting a blurry frame are too high.

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I didn’t really like that the background was completely knocked out in the picture from the front camera, and the sky in the picture is almost absent. Still, otherwise, there are no questions about the color rendering – natural skin color and good foreground detail.

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Performance and Other Joys To Except

The Redmi Note 10 Pro comes in several versions, a choice of 6 or 8 GB of RAM and 64 or 128 GB of its own memory. The fresh processor is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 732G, which was presented at the end of 2020. In fact, this is the same Snapdragon 730G, only slightly overclocked: in the single-threaded mode, we get a frequency of 2.3 GHz versus 2.2 GHz in the 730G, the Adreno 618 graphics accelerator was also overclocked by 15%.

It feels like the performance margin is quiet enough for the phone’s comfortable use without freezes and lags. But as for games, if you want to be hacked at maximum settings, then for obvious reasons, you cannot compete with the flagships of Redmi Note 10 Pro. Demanding toys like CoD: Mobile can slow down at maximum settings, but everything is fine at medium settings.

There is a triple card tray on the left side: there can be two SIM cards and a microSD card simultaneously. It seems like a trifle, but not in every middle school student.

The smartphone received stereo speakers: sonorous but sizzling at maximum volume. Another thing is that the presence of a stereo itself is already a pleasant fact.

A 3.5 mm jack is useful for connecting wired headphones, and household appliances can be controlled via the infrared port. There is no indicator light in the phone, but you can use Always On mode to always see notifications on the screen.

Battery Testing of Redmi Note 10 Pro

If you want the phone to work longer, I want to advise turn off the 120 Hz mode. If you use this spectacular beauty, then Redmi Note 10 Pro will live from morning to evening on one charge, but at ordinary 60 Hz, it will turn out about one and a half days.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

There is no wireless charging, but it’s not a big deal. There is a fast-wired one. The kit comes with a 33 W power supply, the same one you will find in the kit with the Redmi Note 9 Pro. The new Redmi 10 Pro, like last year’s Note 9 Pro, supports up to 30W, so charging is “growing.”

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The 5020mAh battery charges halfway in half an hour and takes another hour to charge fully.

Redmi Note 10 Pro: What’s inside the package?

You will find a USB Type-C cable, a 33-watt charger, and a classic silicone transparent case in the box. It is quite unpretentious, basic, and inevitably not the most convenient plug for the USB port.

Redmi Note 10 Pro

Conclusion: Should you buy Redmi Note 10 Pro?

Considering all the new Redmi Note 10 Pro qualities, there is no doubt that it will become another hit. It is fast, and the screen is excellent. Besides, the phone works for a long time and looks decent. Everything is perfect? The camera is slightly unstable, but if you do not build special illusions about “hundreds of megapixels,” then the Redmi Note 10 Pro will not disappoint.

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