The Redmi K series is a kind of folk flagship with a few compromises and an affordable price tag. For several parameters, they look no worse than more expensive smartphones. The company has already launched the Redmi K40 and Redmi K40 Pro this year. However, there are still vacancies in this line. As many as two.

The company is also expected to release the Redmi K40 Ultra and Redmi K40G this year. According to the information, Redmi K40G in its characteristics will be close to the basic version of the series, but with a different hardware platform. What chip will replace Snapdragon 870 is unknown. When to wait for the release of Redmi K40G, it is not reported.

Meanwhile, Redmi K50 is already starting to acquire more details. And the smartphone will be presented only next year. The gadget will be equipped with an AMOLED E-5 display from Samsung, with a built-in fingerprint scanner. They promise a Snapdragon 895 processor (most likely, it will be the Pro version) and 67W fast charging.

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Redmi K40G and Redmi K50 (0b0ca5976c2d78f143467855fbd733f6c56b51c6) details revealed

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