Wireless headphones with noise-canceling and various interesting qualities such as the simultaneous connection of several devices and long battery life – that’s all about Redmi AirDots 3 Pro. And also wireless charging, moisture protection, and neat dimensions. The guys from the friendliest gadget store got our headphones for our review.

Unboxing Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

After unpacking the box, you can find three pairs of replacement ear pads and a charging cable. The headphones themselves are in a small case: it is compact, sleek and does not take up extra space in shorts. In summer, you certainly don’t want to burden yourself with the additional weight, and Redmi AirDots 3 Pro in a case fits perfectly into a small additional pocket, where you usually put a lighter or other little things. The other side of the coin is that sometimes you have to check your pocket. Otherwise, there is a fear that you have lost the cover. But these are personal phobias, and not to blame the headphones.

There are two colors to choose from: the TWS headset comes in both black and gray. I got the gray version. It looks neutral, but not as boring as the black one. You can see the brand name, an LED, and a single physical button on the matte body. The case is ergonomic, non-slip – the case when everything is simple and thoughtful.

Moreover, the lid is fixed tightly on magnets. There is no feeling of a cheap device, as is the case with budget headphones. On the contrary, there is an effort when you open the lid, and it slams shut with a resounding click. It keeps tight. It will not open by itself, which means that the earphone is not so easy to lose.

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The headphones themselves are also made of matte plastic, and the front of the case is decorated with a mother-of-pearl insert. I think that in such a simple way they decided to “decorate” the modest headphones, how it happened – decide for yourself, I would vote for the matte performance. You can’t swim in headphones, but IPX4 splash protection is declared: you can run in light rain.

How do Redmi AirDots 3 Pro work?

The headphones have touch controls. For my taste, it’s easier when there are physical buttons – it’s more convenient to operate it blindly. I can’t say how Redmi AirDots 3 Pro will behave in cold weather, but there were no mistakes in the summer heat. Double-tap to pause or play music or answer an incoming call. Triple ends the call or drops it. Well, if you keep your finger on the sensor, you can change the noise reduction mode. At the same time, there is a sound signal: it is clear that a different mode is selected, but the earpiece does not tell which one. However, there are only two of them: noise reduction or transparency, so everything is simple.

I was pleased with the work of optical sensors: when you take out the earphone, the music pauses, and when the earphone is in your ear again, the song starts from the same place. You don’t have to turn on the player manually.

The headphones received Bluetooth 5.2. The connection is simple: the headphones are on the list of compatible devices after opening the lid and holding down the button on the case. Perhaps the process will be even easier and faster with smartphones from the Xiaomi family, but I tested Redmi AirDots 3 Pro with Google Pixel 4a, Nokia XR20, and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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I was uncomfortable with the earpieces installed by default: they pressed noticeably in my ears, so I replaced them with the smallest ones. The sensations changed at once. With such headphones, you can go through the whole day at least. Therefore, I strongly advise you to try different attachments so that later it does not hurt.

As for the mode of use with multiple devices, the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro can work with two devices simultaneously. The most obvious scenario is to connect them to a phone and a computer at the same time. You can listen to music from one device and answer calls on the second.

If we raise the topic of conversations, then the interlocutors did not like the sound. The opinion was unanimous: the headphones cut frequencies, and the voice sounds unnatural, especially on the street.

As for the audio – no wow and enthusiasm, just an ordinary sound, codec support is limited to AAC and SBC, but it would be strange to expect something like that from budget headphones. There is Sony or Sennheiser for music lovers – their audio is of a different level, but the price is appropriate. There is not enough volume, atmosphere – although the sound cannot be called flat: bass is heard, but without elasticity and stage energy. Basically, if you listen to light electronics or prefer the pop genre, Redmi AirDots 3 Pro will like it.

Each earphone has three microphones. They dampen noise up to 35 dB: you shouldn’t count on absolute silence in the metro, and you can hear a hum on a noisy avenue with an active traffic flow. Nevertheless, the isolation is sufficient, and it is much more pleasant to walk to the accompaniment of musical accompaniment than in ordinary “plugs.”

Autonomy of Redmi AirDots 3 Pro

The operating time is proportional to the volume: if you turn the sound almost to the maximum, then the headphones will withstand a little more than four hours on a single charge. However, this is an unrealistic scenario since you can go deaf. The headphones are very loud. If you listen at a volume of about 50-70% of the maximum with active noise cancellation, then you can really get the manufacturer’s declared 6 hours.

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Additional hours of operation can be obtained from the case: if you use it, it comes out about 28 hours. The headphones themselves are fully charged in the case in an hour. There is a quick charge: they lay in the case for 10 minutes, after which they will work for 3 hours.

The case is charged via USB Type-C, the cable is included, and it will charge in 2.5 hours. If desired, you can use wireless Qi-charging, but the process is prolonged and takes under 5.5 hours.

Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Price

Officially, Redmi AirDots 3 Pro is not yet on sale, but Europe already has a price. Here it is also necessary to clarify that in the global market, the headphones will be sold under the name Redmi Buds 3 Pro and will cost 70 euros.

In China, they can be bought for a discount at a discount. Considering promotional codes and other discounts, the price is much lower: $ 40-50. In this case, the purchase looks much more interesting.

Conclusion: Should you buy Redmi AirDots 3 Pro?

The verdict is this: if you need inexpensive TWS earbuds with noise canceling, then Redmi AirDots 3 Pro deserves attention, considering their price if you get under the promotion with discounts.

However, as always, a compromise had to be made here: small and comfortable headphones do not have high-quality sound. Therefore, if you still like to enjoy music, it is better to look towards more expensive models.

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