The Raspberry Pi Pico is the company’s smallest and cheapest product. Raspberry Pi Pico costs $4 and measures only 21 x 55 mm.

True, unlike other Raspberry Pi products, this is not a single-board PC but a microcontroller. By the way, this is the first such product of the manufacturer.

Raspberry Pi Pico: Features and Specifications

In addition to the price and size, it has many other interesting features. For example, the basis here is the RP2040 chip developed by the company. Its configuration includes two Cortex-M0 + cores with a frequency of 133 MHz, a set of controllers, and 256 KB (do you still remember kilobytes?) Of its own memory. Another 2MB of flash memory is available from the Raspberry Pi Pico itself, and another 16MB can be connected via QSPI.

Among the rest, it is important to note 30 GPIO pins, of which 4 can be used as analog inputs. The micro-USB 1.1 port is used for power supply and programming; the new product does not have any adapters for wireless interfaces. Also, two UARTs, two SPIs, and two I2Cs need to be mentioned.

The manufacturer also mentions that the Cortex-M0 + cores do not have a floating-point module, so the creators ordered the optimized floating-point functions from Mark Owen, the author of the popular Qfplib libraries.

It remains to add that the company’s website already has all the necessary documentation for working with the new product, including the SDK.

A source: Raspberry Pi

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