Samsung creates innovative large-screen TVs that deliver unparalleled picture quality with great sound optimized for every scene. All of this is made possible by the Quantum AI processor. A high-performance chip developed using patented technologies.

How to watch Ultra HD video in 8K resolution often arises if it’s not widely available yet? To view such content, Samsung TVs are equipped with artificial intelligence upscaling technology that converts 4K to 8K and works with low-resolution SD, HD, and FHD video.

The Quantum 8K processor with artificial intelligence technology combines machine learning benefits with new deep learning technologies to analyze and transform content. This hybrid approach helps remove noise and creates lifelike textures and soft edges for 8K video viewing. It also adjusts the brightness level according to the room’s lighting conditions where the TV is installed. The ability to quickly process complex algorithms through machine learning-based scaling gives users the ability to stream 8K content in real-time.

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AI Quantum Sound for a new level of audio perception

Full immersion in what is happening on the screen requires high-quality images and perfect sound. AI Quantum Sound’s audio capabilities can recreate a movie theater’s atmosphere right in the user’s living room.

The Secret to the Big UHD TV Screen: Quantum Processor with AI Technology

With Object Tracking Sound + sound technology, the sound follows the object on the screen in the same direction in every scene. This innovation recognizes and analyzes the recorded audio in real-time, synchronized with the content, and distributes the audio tracks evenly across the six speakers built into the TV.

Thanks to the Active Speech Amplifier (AVA), users will never miss important conversations, regardless of ambient noise. This function controls the sound environment as follows: if the external noise is louder than the TV’s sound, only the soundtrack’s vocal component will be increased not to overload the hearing. The sound will be transmitted without problems thanks to the real-time separation technology – NPU (Neural Processing Unit).

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AI Scalenet for Perfect Broadcast

The Secret to the Big UHD TV Screen: Quantum Processor with AI Technology

With the growing popularity of OTT video, more and more people worldwide are using large screen TVs to broadcast 8K content. However, existing network infrastructures cannot always guarantee the image quality that meets users’ expectations for high definition. That’s why at the 2019 Samsung Developer Conference, Samsung unveiled AI Scalenet technology designed to overcome infrastructure constraints, support efficient 8K streaming, and low latency live streaming.

AI Scalenet is an innovative, CES 2020 Innovation award-winning solution capable of delivering four times the resolution of traditional technologies without any changes to the network infrastructure. Reducing data loss due to compression has become available thanks to deep learning technology. This means users can enjoy 8K quality content regardless of the network infrastructure. Even during peak traffic, AI Scalenet dramatically improves image quality and content speed in line with network conditions and reduces image artifacts and unnecessary noise. Nowadays, many of the most diverse TV content is presented, which means that the level of expectation from viewing at home is very high. Samsung plans to continue to leverage a range of innovative technologies, including artificial intelligence, to deliver the best 8K streaming experience.

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