Review of the monitor Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP: for home users and professionals.

The Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP monitor is part of the Philips business line represented by several dozen devices aimed at professional use. Most of them demonstrate a frameless design, are equipped with transformer stands, and Power Sensors are provided. How does the hero of our review differ from his “brothers”?

Among other things, it is equipped with a hardware system with a USB-C connector, to which you can connect a laptop using a single cable. The charger is not useful: the laptop will be powered directly from the monitor. The user can connect a wired mouse and keyboard to the Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP and turn a laptop into a full peripherals computer. In this case, the audio stream will be broadcast to the built-in speakers of the monitor.

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The display is equipped with D-Sub, HDMI and DisplayPort interface connectors, through which the monitor can be connected to a desktop computer. With the DisplayPort connector, the user can create a video wall from several displays – this is possible due to the narrow bezels around the screen. The monitor is equipped with an external 120 W power supply – the power of a standard internal power supply would not be enough to recharge a laptop connected to the display.

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The monitor impresses with its well-thought-out ergonomics: using a transforming stand, you can adjust its height (within 150 mm), swivel angle (up to 175 degrees) and tilt angle (in the range of -5-30 degrees). Also, the display can be converted from landscape to portrait for working with voluminous texts. Thanks to these functions, the user can, at any time choose the most convenient position for the screen.

Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP looks like a business monitor: strict and concise. The design lacks eye-catching decorative elements. The black-and-grey body will suit any home or office interior. Due to the barely noticeable bezels, the 23.8-inch screen seems larger than it actually is. The slim design takes up very little desktop space. The sleek stand is stable and does not wobble or slip.

The Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP menu is no different from that of most Philips monitors. In fact, this is a table with parameters on the left side and their values ​​that can be changed on the right. In the menu, the user can make settings for the basic characteristics (brightness, contrast, colour temperature, gamma, sharpness), enable/disable the PowerSensor, which detects the user’s presence at the computer and puts the display into sleep mode if there is no one in front of the screen. Optionally, you can activate the LowBlue mode, which reduces the harmful effects of blue radiation on vision. Four mechanical buttons are used to operate the menu.

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As we mentioned above, the built-in speakers reproduce loud, good sound – they are useful for voiceovers of videos and presentations. The colour gamut is 97% the same as sRGB and 73% – with AdobeRGB: we can safely say that the monitor is suitable for professional work with colour and graphics.

Colour reproduction is realistic: we noted the only going beyond three DeltaE units (however, we shouldn’t have expected anything different from the IPS matrix). The gamma is not set perfectly – for professional work. It is better to perform additional calibration. It will not take much time.

According to the manufacturer, the maximum brightness and contrast are identical with the figures we have received in our test lab – 250 cd / m 2 and 1000: 1. The brightness is evenly distributed – the spread does not exceed 5%. The monitor is hardly suitable for professional gaming, but it can be used for amateur entertainment. Viewing angles are wide: when you deviate from direct viewing, the picture does not fade or distort.

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Philips Brilliance 241B7QUP made a good impression. This is a versatile monitor with a beautiful bezel-less design, solid build quality, and well-thought-out ergonomics. It reproduces rich, vibrant images with realistic colours. The USB-C connector allows you to connect a laptop to it without a charger.

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