About two months after the first OnePlus 9 leaks, YouTuber Dave2D received live images of the OnePlus 9 Pro prototype. And we can see that the OnePlus 9 Pro will have Hasselblad brand cameras.

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According to earlier leaks, the OnePlus 9 Pro photos show an updated camera design that houses the main sensor, an ultra-wide module, and two others.

One of the cameras appears to be a telephoto lens that supports 3.3x optical zoom, although this odd number may be due to early software, and the final product may use a 3x lens. The fourth camera is a little more mysterious – it could be a depth sensor, a macro camera, or a color filter. An LED flash is visible next to the camera. However, perhaps the most interesting part of the OnePlus 9 Pro 5G camera module is its brand.

Nokia and Sony have partnered with ZEISS in the past on their cameras, and Huawei has had a deal with Leica for quite some time. It turns out OnePlus is working with Hasselblad on cameras for the next generation of smartphones.

The partnership has been confirmed by experts Max Jambore and Max Weinbach, who both seem to be in awe of it, but it remains to be seen if there will be a significant leap in cameras OnePlus on par with Samsung and others.

OnePlus has confirmed investing heavily in mobile photography, but the previous ZEISS and Leica pacts have been rather lackluster.

According to leaked photos, the included display supports Quad-HD + resolution and runs at 120Hz as standard, but there’s a base 60Hz refresh rate for those looking to maximize battery life. Speaking of battery life, previously leaked information has confirmed that the next OnePlus flagship will support 45W wireless charging and 65W wired charging. Unfortunately, there is no information on the battery capacity yet.

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