Some previous generation Pixel smartphone owners have encountered a problem with the camera. Users have complained that the camera app often crashes on startup or doesn’t even start at all. Such posts have recently started in large numbers on the Play Store on the camera app page and the Google Pixel support forums. The Pixel 2 XL is the most commonly mentioned model in complaints, but in some cases, the problem also occurs on newer Pixel 3 and 4A devices.

This is not an entirely new problem. Android Police has tracked Pixel 2 camera glitches over the past year. But now the problem has affected more devices. The owners say that Google’s suggested fixes do not solve the problem and experience the same crashes when using third-party camera apps. The Pixel 2 series smartphones have recently received the latest security update, but this shouldn’t have affected the camera.

This is a very annoying mistake, especially considering that many people have chosen the Pixel smartphone precisely because of its high-quality camera.

A source: The verge

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