We figured out what blocking mining on the GeForce RTX 3060 is and why it is conventionally useless in the previous news.

In the same place, I mentioned that Nvidia generally decided to offer separate cards to miners so that GeForce would be for gamers. And that’s what they presented.

There are four models with capacities ranging from 26 to 86 MH/s. Moreover, Nvidia does not talk about architectures and other details, but there is a version that only the top card is based on GPU Ampere (obviously GA102), and the rest are based on old Turing chips. Such an approach would make it possible, on the one hand, to give the miners specialized adapters, and on the other hand, to donate almost no Ampere chips.

More precisely, Nvidia says that there will be no sacrifice at all, and the release of mining accelerators will not affect gaming ones. The company does not explain the reasons, but it can be assumed that partially defective chips would be used for the mining cards. On the other hand, the shortage of video cards is caused, among other things, by the limited supply of GDDR6 memory and a shortage of substrates. And if Nvidia still doesn’t say anything about memory, then such devices still need substrates.

In general, the prospects for such an approach are still very vague. In particular, because the prices are unknown. If mining adapters are more profitable for “miners” than gaming adapters and are available in large quantities, then perhaps miners will really stop paying attention to GeForce cards for the most part. On the other hand, as I said in my last news, the shortage of gaming video cards is not primarily due to miners, so that it won’t get much better.

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