NVIDIA has released a new application that can draw beautiful landscapes while using user sketches as “inspiration.” The utility is called Canvas and can be downloaded for free at the company website (beta is still available). One important condition is that your computer must be equipped with an NVIDIA RTX graphics card.

Canvas uses the AI ​​tool GauGAN, which NVIDIA showed back in 2019. It is trained on 5 million images, thanks to which it can turn the lines and shapes you draw into real objects – rocks, water bodies, grass, clouds. The beta version of the app allows you to try out 15 different materials.

The final version of Canvas will create the most realistic pictures, up to the fact that stones and trees will be reflected in the water. It will be possible to change entire segments of materials – for example, to make a winter field with snow instead of a summer field covered with grass. Various stylistic filters will also be available. The finished picture can be saved in PSD format for later editing in Photoshop.

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Sources: NVIDIA, Engadget

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