People have been asking for the Clubhouse sign-up feature since the launch of the app itself. And after having stuck with the “live audio only” position for several months, it introduced the feature Replays

Replays are an optional feature that creators can turn on or off for any public room. When enabled, any Clubhouse user can replay the entire conversation process whenever they want. They will be able to see all the same elements as live, for example, in the Leave Quietly room, and observe how the dynamics of the stage and audience change and develop during the discussion.

New Clubhouse feature lets you turn your rooms into podcasts (Replay Room 1)

What’s more, you’ll be able to attach links to content you want your audience to read right in the room, such as a topic on Twitter. This allows users and the moderator to play different online games, advertise their sponsors, post links to polls and surveys, share products, fundraise, sell tickets to live events, and recruit subscribers for their podcasts or newsletters. By using the Replays feature, attached links remain fully interactive, allowing authors to share relevant content and realize value long after the discussion ends.

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New Clubhouse Feature Turns Your Rooms Into Podcasts (Frame 28657)

As a listener, you will have more user-friendly playback controls. For example, in Replays, you can go to the next speaker, this will allow you to watch the performances of your loved ones and focus on those moments that are most important to you.

The Clubhouse Room is much more than a live podcast. This is a common space where people gather and communication takes place. Creators take questions from the room. They share links to what the group is discussing. Friends talk for hours on a variety of topics, and in the end the room looks completely different from what it started.

New Clubhouse feature turns your rooms into podcasts (Great Job 1)

And the last thing added with Replays is the deployment of the Total Attendee Count feature. This will allow the moderators to declare that more people have joined the room during the day than online listeners of live broadcasts. Starting today, room creators will be able to see (and share) the totals of all people who have walked through the room. This is the first of many new analytics features that have been added for room creators.

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Clubhouse’s launch of this feature comes just days after Twitter announced that it was testing recording and editing audio for its Spaces real-time communication platform.

Recall the social network Clubhouse opened access to all comers and canceled the invitation system, which had been working since the launch of the platform.

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