Neoline X-COP 9100s review.  A hybrid of a video recorder and a radar detector.

The Neoline company again pleases lovers of progressive technologies with a novelty – a hybrid video recorder and radar detector X-COP 9100s. It differs significantly from the older model – the legendary X-COP 9100 – a radar module platform. X-COP 9100s recognizes MultaRadar CD and CT radar systems. They are not used in our country yet, but who knows what will happen tomorrow. Also, the device will be useful if you travel abroad by car.


The hybrid arrived in a white cardboard box with branded blue elements on the sides. On the front side, there is an image of the device with pictograms showing its key features. The technical parameters are listed at the back, and the scope of delivery is described. It includes a windshield mount with 3M double-sided tape, a 12V / 24V power adapter, a cable for connecting the gadget to the on-board network, cable clips, a storage case, a double-sided tape remover, user manual and warranty documents.

Neoline X-COP 9100s complete set

Previously, to remove the mount from the windshield, we used the available means: a bank card, keys, key fob. The plastic puller turned out to be a handy bonus! I also liked the convenient case for storing the device itself and accessories. X-COP 9100s can be used in both passenger cars and trucks. The power cable is long enough to be neatly hidden under the casing.


The documents indicate the following parameters:

  • processor: Ambarella;
  • matrix: Sony;
  • display: 2.0 “(240×320) with IPS matrix;
  • resolution: 1920х1080 (30 fps);
  • viewing angle 135 °, 6 glass lenses;
  • long-range supersensitive module EXD Plus (K and Ka range);
  • detection of Multa Radar CD, CT and CD moving (range M);
  • detection of signals of a wide frequency range (K, M, Ka, Laser, Arrow);
  • selection of frequencies depending on the region of use of the Hybrid (Russia, Baltic, Europe, World, USA, Israel, CIS, PRO1, PRO2);
  • Z-signature filter;
  • Ka-filter;
  • K-band tuning: wide, narrow, super slim;
  • GPS base of police radars all over the world: Russia, Europe, USA, Israel, CIS, Turkey, Middle East, Australia;
  • notification about traffic control cameras (bus lane, “in the back”, roadside, intersection, zebra crossing);
  • intelligent processing of instant and average speed control cameras (Kordon-Temp, Skat-Reef, Strelka Plus, Avtouragan-VSM, Vokord Cyclops);
  • display on the display of the current distance to the camera / speed / permitted speed / average speed / signal strength / camera name / type of traffic control;
  • modes: “City” / “Highway” / “Turbo” / X-COP;
  • auto-turbo – automatic activation of the “Turbo” mode;
  • the ability to disable the K range in the “City” mode;
  • GPS or RD module priority;
  • GPS / RD without sound until – setting the speed up to which sound and voice notifications about cameras in the GPS database and radar detection will not be generated;
  • maximum speed;
  • permissible speeding;
  • adding a Zone of Silence and a Dangerous Zone;
  • setting the radii of the Dangerous Zone and the Zone of Silence;
  • enable/disable certain types of GPS points;
  • voice notification about 45 types of stationary radars;
  • volume / brightness adjustment;
  • auto mute;
  • traffic signal;
  • metric system: km / h or mph;
  • detection range up to 2.5 km;
  • VG-2 / Specter 4 / Specter Elite detection protection;
  • auto-fading display;
  • sound notification;
  • volume control (9 levels);
  • sound recording in the cabin;
  • battery charge indicator;
  • adjusting sharpness, contrast, exposure and video quality;
  • 3 recording modes (standard, emergency, parking mode);
  • loop recording;
  • view/lock/rewind and copy video on the device;
  • setting up G-sensor and motion sensor (while driving and parking);
  • parking mode;
  • voice alerts about satellites;
  • time synchronization via GPS;
  • stamp of the license plate, speed, date and time on video;
  • 2 types of screensaver: “speedometer” and “dark”;
  • automatic night recording mode;
  • car battery protection: switching off the hybrid when the voltage on the battery drops below the set threshold;
  • voice prompts in Russian, English, Lithuanian;
  • battery with a capacity of 220 mAh;
  • video format: MP4;
  • frame rate: 30 fps;
  • recording time in driving mode: 1-5 min;
  • recording time in incident mode: before the incident 10 sec ~ after 50 sec;
  • 2 slots for memory cards: MicroSD (SDHC: 2 GB ~ 32 GB, SDXC: 128 GB), class 10;
  • G-sensor;
  • Motion Sensor;
  • input voltage: DC 12V ~ 24V.
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The specific matrix and processor models are not indicated, but we assumed that the familiar Ambarella A7 and Sony Exmor IMX322 LQJ were used in the X-COP 9100s. There are 6 lenses in the hybrid. The viewing angle is 135 degrees.

The radar detector is represented by a radar part and a GPS module with a built-in database containing all stationary radars’ coordinates. The firmware is regularly updated: the latest version includes handheld cameras installed for a specific period of time. You can download updates on the official Neoline website.

X-COP 9100s recognizes the Avtodoria complex, which measures the average speed of movement on the road’s controlled section. The device is equipped with signature filters that reduce the number of false alarms, especially during city trips. As mentioned above, the new product notifies the driver about the MultaRadar CD and CT mobile radars, the frequency of which is in a separate M-band.

The radar detector is equipped with a supersensitive EXD Plus module, which in Turbo mode increases the detection range of cameras operating in the K, Ka and M bands. If you go to a country where radar detectors cannot be used, VG-2, Specter detection protection comes in handy 4 and Specter Elite. If desired, the radar part can be turned off, and the device will continue to work as a GPS informer. Travellers will appreciate the “smart” frequency selection algorithm: for each country, the radar detector selects the appropriate frequency ranges by itself – you need to select the desired region from the menu.

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The device is equipped with a built-in 220 mAh battery. The built-in battery allows you to correctly shut down the device if an emergency disconnection from the network occurs. With the Motion Control function, you can mute the radar notifications without touching it – move your hand in front of the display at a distance of 15 cm.

Design and construction

The body is made of matte black plastic. The front panel is glossy. In front, there is a camera lens and a radar detector peephole. The display is directed to the driver. Its resolution is 320 x 240 pixels. On either side of it are four control buttons and a power indicator.

On the left, there is an input for the power adapter, a reset key and a built-in microphone, and on the right, there is a power button and two slots for memory cards: one records videos, and the other copies important files. Above there are guides, with which it is convenient to attach the device to the holder, and a grill behind which the speaker is hidden.

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Attaching the hybrid to the windshield was easy. We installed it on a holder, removed the film from the double-sided tape and pressed it against the windshield – so that the radar detector would recognize the cameras as accurately as possible. It is worth fixing it in the upper part.

After that, we connected the cable to the cigarette lighter – you can go! As we mentioned above, the delivery set includes clips that allow you to hide the cable to not interfere with the driver. We left the factory settings for the DVR – the image quality turned out to be acceptable. We have included all available ranges in the detector settings and a signature filter that eliminates false alarms.

The device operates in the proprietary Neoline modes: “City”, “Route”, “Turbo” and X-COP. Looking ahead, we note that we liked the latter the most – it automatically adjusts the sensitivity depending on the vehicle speed. The “Turbo” mode increases the detection range of radars, but it is inconvenient to use it in the city because of the fairly frequent false positives.

The video recorder demonstrates a bright, detailed image: the cars’ numbers in front and two adjacent lanes are clearly visible during the day. There is almost no noise in the dark, with headlights and lanterns, the license plates are still clearly visible.

The detector warns the user about the presence of a stationary radar in the direction of travel: the driver has enough time to reduce the speed smoothly. Mobile PoliScan is determined only by the fact of passage – but there is hardly a detector that recognizes it at a greater distance.

Signature filtering and K-band narrowing reduce false positives. By the intensity of the informative Geiger, it is easy to determine whether it is worth slowing down.


Neoline X-COP 9100s is a functional device that accurately records the traffic situation and informs the driver about radars in the direction of travel, thereby avoiding accidents and fines. The radar detector supports technologies that make it possible to recognize different types of cameras abroad.

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