We often write about various interesting things from Kickstarter, but it is far from always possible to hold in our hands what we are talking about in the news. But there are also pleasant exceptions to the rules, like now: we managed to get a Moshi UV sterilizer for review.

Why do you need this device?

Bacteria surround us, constantly use phones or headphones, pressing them to our face and helping spread microscopic organisms. After the global problem with COVID-19, the idea of ​​treating surfaces and favorite things has become especially relevant. UV sterilizers existed in the past, but processing and cleaning were not as important as when people cannot go to shops without a mask and gloves.

The Moshi Deep Purple device assists in cleaning small devices and objects using ultraviolet light. Considering that viruses can live on things for about a week, and smartphones can compete with such unpleasant surfaces as a toilet seat in terms of the degree of pollution, it is logical to raise cleaning equipment.

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For the Moshi Deep Purple sterilizer, up to 10 years of operation is declared. And here, they use not the usual UV-C lamps, but more durable LEDs without mercury.

How does it work?

The sterilizer processes things quickly. Everything takes 4 minutes. When the device is ready for use, the indicator light glows green, and when the cleaning process has passed, it is already purple.

Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

I had problems that the cleaning did not start, I even thought something was wrong with the device, but everything was simpler. I did not close the lid tightly enough, and the “smart” device did not start cleaning, protecting it from ultraviolet radiation. The lid is fixed on a magnet, so you need to tighten it more tightly, then everything will be in order.

Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

During the cleaning process, the phone or other object lies in a small area. Therefore, there will be air between it and the sterilizer’s bottom: it is convenient, both the top and the bottom are processed immediately.

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As proof of the effectiveness of the device, Moshi cites the conclusion of the independent Swiss laboratory SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance). Tests show that 99.9% of bacteria are killed after cleaning.

What does it look like?

The main feature of the sterilizer is its mobility. It folds down and fits freely into a bag or backpack, resembling an A4 folder in size, so you can carry it with you if you wish. The body is made of light gray eco-leather. There are no other options yet.

Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

Inside, across the entire area, eight metal panels reflect light. Below is a plastic stand for cleaning things from all sides.

Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

Considering that people have switched to a remote mode of work, this is a convenient scenario: I went to work in a coworking space, disinfected the phone there, then returned home and cleaned it too.

Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

The device works both from an outlet and an external battery, but there is no built-in battery. A USB Type-C cable is included, but no power supply.

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Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer

How much does Moshi Deep Blue UV Sterilizer Cost?

The whole world collected the money: first, for Kickstarter about $ 82,000, and then for Indiegogo, another $87,000.


We began to pay much more attention to hygiene, cleanliness, and order; humanity will survive COVID-19. A mobile sterilizer is a force rather than desirable purchase, but protective masks were also disliked at first, and after a few months, they became commonplace.

Some characteristics

  • Dimensions: 21 x 19 x 6.5 cm unfolded and 21 x 19 x 20 cm folded;
  • Weight: 510g;
  • Connection: USB Type-C connector;
  • Sterilization time: 4 minutes.

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