Chrome OS laptop sales quadrupled last year due to the pandemic and the shift to remote learning. This allowed Chromebooks to outpace macOS devices in global sales. According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), by the end of 2020, Chrome OS accounted for 14.4% of devices sold.

Chrome OS5.3%10.0%11.5%14.4%

As you can see, the intensive growth of Chrome OS sales began in the second quarter of last year. Slightly less growth was shown by macOS devices, sales of which peaked in the third quarter. But the share of Windows devices has been gradually decreasing over the year – from 87.5% to 76.7%.

The increased demand for low-cost computers, especially in education, has played into the hands of Chrome OS. This, in all likelihood, prevents Apple from increasing the share of sales more because its devices belong to the premium segment. And people in conditions of lockdown and various restrictions are looking for more affordable options. As for Microsoft, it continues to develop a rival to Chrome OS – Windows 10X. Its release is due this spring. The system will focus on the educational industry and business clients.

A source: 9to5google

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