Despite all the oddities of Wear OS, I liked the Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch as a hardware piece. They are comfortable to wear, the vibration of notifications is well felt, the buttons are charming to press, the strap does not press anywhere, the combination of matte and glossy details is quite luxurious, as is the assembly. Paired with Android, this is a cool gadget. Let’s get more into the details now.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch: Design

Montblanc Summit Lite smartwatch comes in a nice box- the shape of the box reminds me of the Apple Watch. Everything lies beautifully in its place. It is easy to get it out and start using it.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

It would help if you charged Summit in a special stand with a USB connector; you can use an external battery for this on the road. I mention this for a reason: if you have all notifications turned on, you worked out in the morning and went to work, the clock may be discharged by the evening. Unfortunately, Wear OS and long runtimes don’t go hand in hand. But the watch is also charged quickly, in a couple of hours.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

In general, during the test, I was constantly pursued by this thought. The craftsmen at Montblanc know how to make great things: pens, suitcases, bags – everywhere you can feel the solidity of the approach and the many ideas. All this is also present in Montblanc Summit Lite – even if this is the basic model of the line, there were no discounts during development. The aluminum body is lightweight and looks great. The size of the watch is 43 mm, suitable for any man’s hand. A bunch of details is how they are made, how the buttons are pressed, and how the wheel turns.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

If you choose a strap, I advise you to take the rubber one. Here the convex brand name is quite modern in style (Breitling does the same, for example). Should you choose a black or silver case? I think black goes with everything.

As you can see, the display is round, AMOLED, Gorilla Glass on top, two buttons, and a rotating crown. It can be used for several functions. Case thickness 12.8 mm, aluminum protects a thin board with a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor, gigabytes of RAM, well, 8 GB for data. Of course, there is a microphone-barometer-accelerometer-heart rate sensor. NFC works with Google Pay to double-click the top button (for payment too).

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Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

I left the base dial. It fits the watch very well in style. It is possible not to turn off the screen, and even if the inclusion is not too smooth, but when you tilt, you immediately see the time. Let me remind you that Wear OS has its own logic: the control panel comes out on top, at the bottom there are notifications from Telegram and other programs, on the left, there are interesting facts and other incomprehensible things related to the voice assistant, on the right, there are various kinds of sports.

Pressing the crown brings up the list of applications. Naturally, everything is customizable – I recommend wearing it as it is at first. After a couple of days, you will understand what you want to change.

As for heart rate measurements, I tried to compare it with Apple Watch, Garmin MARQ Athlete, and a regular blood pressure monitor, plus or minus some indicators everywhere. I usually train with Garmin, but you can do it quite effectively with Wear OS (as experts say, I have not tried it myself).

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

For walking on the track or jogging, the watch is perfect. If you plan to do this, then I definitely advise you to take a rubber strap – you don’t have to take it off in the shower. It dries quickly. I hope they will make the strap white (replacement is possible at home).

Regarding swimming – the declared water resistance is 50 meters, but I advise you not to wear the watch in saltwater and use the maximum in the pool. It’s better not to do this at all, in any service you will be confirmed by a simple idea: technology doesn’t like water, no matter what the manufacturers say there.

Montblanc Summit Lite: Connection and Features

I connected the watch to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2. This is my second smartphone. I wanted to try how Summit Lite would behave in a natural environment and not when paired with an iPhone. Everything is as simple as possible: I took it out, turned it on, and immediately appeared in the Wear OS application, then all that remained was the setting, add the card to Google Pay, and other basic manipulations.

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Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

Wear OS has wonderful pictures, easy adjustment of dials. I liked Energy among the branded ones – the time, date, battery level are immediately read. In general, the most important things. There were no problems with the connection. Notifications from applications come instantly. And again, I would recommend trying to walk around with the clock for a couple of hours and only then choose what to turn off and what to leave. For example, I always need Telegram for my work. I didn’t cut it down. I did the rest radically.

By the way, when you call the “cart,” there are no notifications about this on the screen at all – only a notification about a missed call. With a regular call to the phone, the number or name is visible, but it is redirected to the smartphone when answering. I could not talk for hours.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

In addition to its watch faces, Montblanc Summit has added several sports or physics-related features such as Cardio Coach, Body Energy, Sleep, and Stress. In short, all the data from the sensors are taken, processed, and you are given a certain averaged result. As for sleep, it’s fun – the clock requires charging in the evening, so it’s not entirely clear whether to wear it at night or charge it. I choose the latter.

The Stress function is an alternative to the pesky Breathe on Apple Watch. Cardio Coach helps you while you run, Body Energy sums up your daily activities. I repeat my thought: given the short operating time of the watch, if you plan to train tightly and constantly, it is better not to consider Summit Lite for purchase. They sit down VERY quickly. Better to choose the time-tested Apple Watch or Garmin.

I’ll try to decipher my thought. One thing is the already mentioned track every two days for an hour. In this mode, Summit Lite is approx. Another thing is long workouts – for example, I have an hour of strength training with a trainer and then another hour on the track, walking at an average speed. You can immediately screw an external battery to Summit Lite or charge it after a workout.

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And a little about the OS itself. For example, I train with Garmin. On the screen in the training mode (in my case, it is “Strength training”), the pulse is immediately visible, you start and stop the exercises with the buttons, and select the number of approaches. Very comfortably. If there is no workout, then the screen normally shows the number of steps taken per day. The pulse can be viewed immediately, without going anywhere – this is also very convenient. For me, there is no important information.

All these mythical “stresses” and so on will not help you much in your daily activities – my subjective opinion. Due to the long operating time, you can sleep in the Apple Watch. They track a lot of things. There are various workouts and cool challenges for a month. The game mechanics are addictive – I periodically get involved in the struggle for new badges. True, as soon as you start training hard with the Apple Watch, you will also understand everything about the operating time – alas, it is also better to have to charge nearby. But with Garmin, you forget about it.

Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch Review

With the help of settings and applications, you can achieve a lot and train quite successfully. Despite the advertising banners, where beautiful sportspeople are engaged in the gym with Summit Lite, this watch is more appropriate in the office. Sometimes, not the most athletic people solve boring but important issues.

Verdict: Should you buy Montblanc Summit Lite Smartwatch?

In retail, the watch costs about €185. As I said, despite all the oddities of Wear OS, I liked the watch as a piece of hardware. They are comfortable to wear, the vibration of notifications is well felt, the buttons are charming to press, the strap does not press anywhere, the combination of matte and glossy details is quite luxurious, as is the assembly. Paired with Android, this is a cool tool.

I would especially recommend buying the model to owners of flagship smartphones with Android on board – for example. It could be the Fold 2 or other Samsung smartphones.

Well, Montblanc would like to somehow work with Google on the Wear OS updates by the current agenda.

You can order a watch on the official site.

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