The capitalization of Microsoft for the first time in its history exceeded two trillion dollars. It became the second (after Apple) publicly traded American company to cross this landmark.

This happened because the price of one Microsoft share on the NASDAQ stock exchange during trading on June 22 briefly reached $ 265.79. After the opening of trading on June 23, Microsoft stock quotes rose even more, to $ 266.83, after which they fell to $ 264.43. At the time of this writing (18:46 Kyiv time), the price is $ 265.54 and continues to grow, while the capitalization is holding above two trillion dollars. Since the beginning of the year, Microsoft shares are up 21.76%.

For the first time, Microsoft crossed the trillion-dollar mark in April 2019, becoming the third public American company to cross this milestone. Apple first crossed the trillion-dollar mark in August 2018, and Amazon joined it a month later. In August 2020, Apple jumped the $ 2 trillion cap to become the first publicly traded company in the United States. At the end of 2019, Saudi Aramco went public – the oil giant from Saudi Arabia was valued at over $ 2 trillion, but as of June 23, its market value is estimated at $ 1.9 trillion. At the same time, Apple still holds the title of the most valuable public company in the world with a capitalization of $ 2.3 trillion.

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Interestingly, Microsoft surpassed the $ 2 trillion capitalization mark after the appointment of its current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as chairman of the company’s board of directors and two days before the presentation of the next Windows.

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