Microsoft is finally ready to allow Windows users to install games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC to any folder of their choice. Thus, gamers will be able to specify their preferred folders with games, as well as freely move games to any folders or disks of their choice.

Informed sources say the changes are part of an update to the Xbox for Windows app that is currently undergoing internal testing. This update will finally resolve a big issue with installing games from Xbox Game Pass for PC. Previously, players faced the limitations of the WindowsApps folder and had no control over where to install games.

Microsoft will let you choose the target folder when installing games from the Microsoft Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC

Microsoft will soon stop blocking access to the games folder. This will make it easier to support mods in a number of games. Also, users will be able to back up or move games. This can be important when reinstalling the operating system or in cases where you need to install the game on a different drive for more rational use of system resources. Additionally, this approach will solve the problem when a user uninstalls a game installed from the Microsoft Store, and it continues to take up space on the drive.

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An update to the Microsoft Xbox app will include file validation and recovery, which will supposedly be used to support game backups. There are also new options for viewing the installation location of files, changing the installation disk of the game and choosing custom folders for installation.

Microsoft has confirmed that it is indeed ready to change the way it installs games from the Microsoft Store. Xbox Insiders members will be able to test the new version of the Xbox PC app shortly. The public app is likely in beta status ahead of the launch of the free multiplayer game Halo Infinite, which is scheduled for December 8th.

A source: The verge

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