Microsoft revives the Clippy paperclip in Microsoft Teams again

Microsoft brings back the good old Clippy clip to Microsoft Teams. It seems that the company still cannot decide what to do with this element. The fact is that about two years ago she had already resurrected a paper clip, and a few days later she refused it. Now, the anthropomorphic paperclip should reappear in Microsoft Teams as part of a sticker pack.

“Yes, it’s true – Clippy has agreed to return from retirement!” Microsoft explains, confirming the paperclip’s return to Microsoft Teams. “Whether you love him or hate him, Clippy is back with a set of retro stickers in Teams.”

The new set of retro stickers is very similar to the same stickers the Microsoft team created for Teams over two years ago. Microsoft representatives were quick to close the project, and a source said that the “brand police” within the company were unhappy with Clippy’s appearance in Microsoft Teams.

Clippy first appeared in Office 97, offering tips and tricks for using Microsoft Office software. People spoke ambiguously about such an assistant, many said that the paper clip was annoying and distracting. As a result, in 2001, with the release of Office XP, the paper clip retired. Until early this year, Microsoft didn’t want to use Clippy as a meme in its Office or Windows products. But now Clippy is back to replace the standard paperclip emoji in Windows 11, it was part of the new Teams backgrounds and is now a staple in the Microsoft Teams sticker pack.

A source: The verge

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