Microsoft has added the original Xbox FPS Boost mode for 74 more games, bringing 97.

Other titles that have received an FPS boost include Assassin’s Creed Unity, Deus Ex Mankind Divided, Wasteland 3, and Far Cry 5, all of which now work stably at 60 fps.

True, there were some restrictions. In some games with FPS Boost, the frequency increases only on the Xbox Series X. At the same time, the older console in most cases receives a greater performance boost than the Series S. In addition, in some cases, activating FPS Boost leads to a decrease in the picture quality – to maintain more high frame rate, graphics quality drops to the level of the previous generation Xbox One S.

Since the announcement in February, the Xbox team has been steadily expanding the list of games with FPS Boost support. In March, Microsoft added FPS Boost support to five ZeniMax games, and in April, functionality was added to 13 EA games, including three Battlefield games and both Titanfalls. With the May update, the total games with FPS Boost support reached 97.

Microsoft has increased the number of games with support for FPS Boost on Xbox Series X | S - now there are almost 100

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