The Mibro Air has just appeared on sale, and we decided to take it for a test. What to expect from a device costing less than $58.99?

Mibro Air smartwatch review: all basic functions in a slim body

Mibro, which is actively developing with the support of Xiaomi, has released a new Air watch. The model’s name is fully justified: the novelty turned out to be compact and light, weighs only 40 g. You can also read: Huawei Watch Fit smartwatch Complete Review

Mibro Air Smartwatch


Mibro Air Smartwatch: Design and Screen

Mibro Air is made in a traditional design with a round case – there is even a “crown,” which, although it rotates, plays a button’s role. The case, by the way, is all-metal, with a dark matte finish. The watch looks very neat – you can never say that this is a budget device. The case is only 9.2 mm thick, so they look quite appropriate on both a man’s and a woman’s hand.

Mibro Air Smartwatch

The 1.28 inch TFT screen has a resolution of 240 * 240 pixels, which is quite enough. The brightness is not to say excessive, but at maximum, the image is easy to read even on a sunny day. Of course, there is support for different watch faces: there are not so many of them preinstalled, but it is possible to download the ones you like through the mobile application (more on that later).

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Mibro Air Smartwatch: Control

Since the watch screen is touch-sensitive, traditional swipes are used for control. Those who have used a smartwatch at least once will figure it out the first time.

You can change the dial by pressing and holding your finger on the current option.

Swiping to the left brings up access to the radial menu – it contains all the basic settings and functions.

Swipe down to open the quick settings screen: here, you can change the display brightness, set the silent mode, and understand the remaining battery charge.

Swipe up is access to app notifications. You cannot answer them, just read.

Swiping to the left allows you to scroll through the widgets. By default, these are activity statistics, weather, a window with a heart rate measurement. But you can add additional ones: for example, sleep statistics or the choice of the type of training (12 different programs).

Mibro Air Smartwatch: Application

I hoped that since the brand is developing with the participation of Xiaomi, the watch will be able to work with the usual Mi Fit. But no – they need to download a separate Mibro Fit app. It looks like a cross between Mi Fit and Huawei Health. The graphics and interface are quite normal, but the quality of Russification suffers as usual. For example, instead of “Sleep,” the verb “Sleep” is indicated here, instead of “Walking” – “Walk.” Somewhere, paragraphs begin with a capital letter, somewhere with a lowercase. The Cyrillic font is also far from ideal.

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Through the application, you can create your own skin for the clock. Upload your favorite photo, customize the display of data in the top, bottom, or center, choose one of three types of fonts.

In the menu, there is an opportunity to select applications whose notifications will appear on the screen. All major instant messengers and social networks are here, although, for example, I did not find Slack.

Sleep information is pretty minimalistic. While Huawei Health paints everything in detail and makes recommendations, Mibro Fit displays a beautiful but simplified graph and displays only the basic parameters. A couple of times, I noticed that falling asleep was indicated incorrectly: I was definitely getting ready for bed.

Mibro Air Smartwatch: Autonomy

The gadget is equipped with a 200mAh battery. The manufacturer promises an autonomy of 10 days when using all functions and 25 days if you use them only as a watch. In fact, the battery lasted for a week. A miniature adapter with a magnet is used for charging.

Mibro Air Smartwatch: Final Impression

I don’t really like massive watches, so I usually wear a bracelet. But the miniature Mibro Air doesn’t feel on the hand and does not cause any discomfort. They look interesting, suitable for any style of clothing, be it a tracksuit or casual. The glass is slightly recessed in the metal body, so it isn’t easy to scratch it.

It is crucial to give the Mibro Fit app all the permissions it asks for. And first of all, relieve him of the control of energy consumption by the system. Otherwise, the application will be unloaded from RAM sooner or later, and the watch will lose connection with it.

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The main functions that I use on the watch are to view the time, daily activity, sleep statistics, and notifications. As I already noted, the notifications’ readability is not the best here: the font needs to be changed. When you receive several notifications, they are displayed as a group, without the ability to tap and fall into each.

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It should also be noted a weak vibration motor, the operation of which is easy to miss. I did not find a change in the vibration level in the settings.

IP68 protection is indeed available. After at least a few showers, nothing happened to them. In general, the watch leaves a positive impression. The Cyrillic font in the watch would be replaced, and the vibration would be more noticeable, and the model could be sold for more money. But for $58.99, both the quality and the set of functions are quite adequate.

Mibro Air Smartwatch


Mibro Air Smartwatch






Value for Money



  • Water Resistant
  • Fully featured
  • Good design
  • Sleek Design


  • Unresponsive App

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