Earlier this year, Mercedes showed off a huge 56-inch touchscreen display called the Hyperscreen. It will be the centerpiece of the second generation of the MBUX infotainment system, which will ditch physical buttons entirely in favor of an all-digital (and voice) user-vehicle interaction. The Hyperscreen is making its debut in the 2022 Mercedes EQS electric car, and we can already look at what it will look like.

Mercedes notes that the Hyperscreen is made from a scratch-resistant one-piece glass panel. The MBUX system’s performance will be responsible for an eight-core processor and 24 GB of RAM with a bandwidth of 46.4 GB / s. A recoil system is provided for the center and passenger displays. The 12 actuators located under the screen will vibrate when you touch the touchscreen. There is also lighting throughout the cabin, which creates beautiful illumination in the dark.

The basic version of the Mercedes EQS will receive two separate displays: one will be used as a digital instrument panel, the other for the multimedia system.

Mercedes EQS 2022 will go on sale in the European market this August.

Sources: Motor1, Jalopnik

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