This post is all about Loupedeck live console review. The consoles of this company have become an opening for many and an inexpensive platform for experiments. Loupedeck + costs 239 euros, which cannot be compared with professional remotes. Yes, the positioning is different, but I want to play with the twists!

Loupedeck + I missed. I decided to wait for the next generation and see how the company will surprise. After that came the Loupedeck CT, interesting, with small touch screens, a large control wheel and another bigger screen.

There are plenty of materials about the console, so I began to study what else appeared. And it turned out that the Loupedeck Live console has already appeared. It is still geared towards photographers and editors, but now it is also suitable for streamers.

Loupedeck Live console review: Why is this necessary at all?

To speed up the workflow. It should be understood that you will not become a guru in processing by purchasing such a console or something similar. This is an option for those who already know-how and understand something, but want to speed up and diversify routine matters.

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Loupedeck Live console review

You have no idea how comfortable it is to control physical buttons and knobs. You don’t get distracted by the trackpad and panel on the display, you twirl around and watch the changes. I would also describe the Loupedeck Live console as the Touch Bar “at maximum speed”: if you have a Windows computer or a stationary Mac, this is an alternative to the new MacBooks touch bar. You can customize the buttons for quick actions, control the sound, set the clock, launch programs – all on a separate device that sits next to the keyboard.

Loupedeck Live console review

Loupedeck Live console review: How is it assembled?

Assembled soundly. There are no complaints. The base is plastic, but the top panel is aluminium. The levers rotate very smoothly and with a clear click. They are also pressed clearly. Square displays are touch-sensitive and do not push further. There are seven round buttons on which you can also hang certain actions.

Includes a USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable and an adapter to USB Type-A. This is the first time I see this; usually, there are USB Type-A wires with an adapter, but here they approached the question correctly: more often the console will be purchased by the owners of Apple laptops, who have not seen normal connectors in laptops for five years.

There is a small stand that locks into place and won’t fall off on its own. This is another hint at the console for streamers, who can manage broadcast parameters, monitor statistics and launch various plugins from a separate device. It’s very convenient, believe me.

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Loupedeck Live console review: What programs does it work in?

For streamers, there is support for Streamlabs, OBS (Windows only) and Twitch.

In terms of creativity, the list is more extensive:

  • Adobe Lightroom Classic
  • Adobe Photoshop CC;
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • Final Cut Pro X;
  • Adobe Illustrator;
  • Adobe Audition;
  • Adobe After Effects CC.

The console also works with the Spotify application, and indeed with any program – you can create custom profiles and configure whatever you need (if the settings allow, of course).

Loupedeck Live console review

If you run an “out of the box” program supported by Loupedeck, the profile created for it is automatically launched, where the tools are divided into tabs. All this is configured in the proprietary application.

Loupedeck Live console review: What’s with the setting?

You will have to spend a lot of time setting up, and even for each program separately. The standard set is a collection of all available tools. Finding a setup for yourself, constantly dragging and dropping icons in the application, is a very long time, but the result is worth it. You will return to the program more than once and change the icons’ arrangement to work comfortably and know where everything is.

Loupedeck Live console review: Is it worth taking or not?

The Loupedeck Live console costs a little more than the Loupedeck + – 249 euros. If you are a streamer and want a new useful toy for your desktop, Loupedeck Live is definitely worth looking. If you process a ton of photos and are tired of aiming with the mouse at small elements, this is also an option. At least worth a try. But do not rush to jump to conclusions – it takes time to set up, rub in and change

But I would not recommend this model specifically to editors – it is better to take the CT model. I will tell you about its specific advantages in a separate article. If you need to work with colour, Loupedeck Live will do, but if you want to replace the trackpad and keyboard with another device, that’s it. Therefore, as a person who occasionally works with video, I did not get a buzz – not quite the device.

Loupedeck Live console









  • Small footprint for desktop use
  • Very customizable
  • Profiles available for popular creative apps
  • USB-C connection
  • Includes 8GB internal storage
  • Works with macOS and Windows 10 systems


  • Not ideal for on-the-go editors
  • Profile creation takes some time
  • Requires wired connection
  • Expensive

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