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Looks like Microsoft moved its Xbox Cloud Gaming datacenter to Xbox Series X hardware, which improved graphics and game download speeds

About two weeks ago, Microsoft announced that it is in the “final stages” of upgrading its Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud) datacenters. Then it was about installing the Xbox Series X equipment. And now the service users can finally play using the most modern equipment.

Certain xCloud games now show updated graphics options in the settings menu that may only be available on the Xbox Series X. Also, some games load to xCloud much faster than before. For example, the updated graphics settings can be seen in the games Yakuza: Like a Dragon and Rainbow Six Siege. Dirt 5 now loads very quickly and does not have large lags during the race.

In a statement, Microsoft has not yet confirmed that the new server hardware has already been launched but has promised that there will be news on the matter shortly.

“We are constantly testing new features and making improvements to make Xbox Cloud Gaming even more convenient,” Microsoft said. “We’ll share more soon about the updates we’re making to our Microsoft datacenters.”

A source: The verge

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